Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Avantika telling Preeti that case is quite complicated. She says, Savitra Devi Ashram’s land is Vikram’s dad property and now Vikram wants to build a housing society. Ashram doesn’t agree with him as the land was gifted to them by Vikram’s dad. Preeti asks, what was problem. Avantika says, there was no legal papers in old times. They are known as Kachha chitha. And that’s why Vikram is claiming that land belongs to him. Preeti says, but why this case came in chamber of commerce dispute community. Avantika says, Ashram can’t afford the court case and that’s why it came in the dispute chamber. Preeti says, we have to be careful as Kaira is getting married in that family. Avantika says I know.

Dadaji seems tensed. He tells Govardhan

mama that Varun seems afraid. Govardhan says, they are good people. Dadaji says, Vikram is sweet but sweetness can bring a disease sometimes. Govardhan mama asks him not to over think. Vikram comes to Harish’s set. He says sorry for coming there. He invites him for his company’s annual day and asks him to host it. Harish asks, why me? Vikram says, he is his fan. He offers him cheque. Harish says, it is not needed. Vikram asks him to keep it. Harish accepts it.

Pankhudi tells Adi that Vikram dominates Varun and Amrita bhabhi. She says, he seems different. Harish tells Avantika that Vikram gave him a cheque. Avantika thinks he is trying to influence her. Adi says, I don’t like these type of people. Pankhudi says, I am sure that Varun is good match for Kaira. Harish gives the cheque to Avantika and asks her to spend according to her wish. He says, he seems good. Vikram scolds Amrita and Varun for going against him. He asks them to follow his wish. Harish asks Avantika to come for the outing. Avantika tells about the case. Harish says, he is a good man. Avantika says, I hope he is a good man. Vikram says, I am not a good man. Tomorrow is the hearing and dispute community head is Avantika Kumar. My dream is that piece of land. I bend my head infront of Deewans for that land. Varun and Amrita get tensed.

Pankhudi says, we will book the venue of the wedding. Rubel says, we will book 7 star hotel. Sheela says, my friend’s daughter was married in Rajastan. It was fun. Anuj suggests to marry Kaira in Silvasa Haveli. Shanky gets tensed. Pankhudi asks about the haveli. Someone tells Avantika about the dispute community head place. Anuj says, it is not exactly haveli but english pattern house. Payal asks, why we didn’t go there. Adi says, we will get Kaira married there. Shanky says, I will get the Album. Adi says, why don’t we go there and see the place. Sheela says, we will take Avantika and Preeti and have picnic. Shanky brings the album. Anuj says, I will talk to my sisters.

Vikram comes and says I came to this hall since my childhood. He says, I am feeling bad as you have to spare your valuable time on the case. Avantika says, let the community decide. Nirmala asks Preeti, why you are tensed? Preeti says nothing. Anuj calls her and invites her. Preeti says, we will come later. Nirmala asks, what have you decided to gift Kaira? Anuj says, Preeti couldn’t come. Sheela asks Anuj not to call Avantika. Sheela says, she won’t come. Think something unique. Sheela says, I will go to her house and agree her. Pankhudi says, she went to the chamber of commerce. Sheela says, we will go there.

Case starts. Avantika tells about the case. Vikram says exactly. Avantika says, I am not yet done. She says, we came here to discuss the two cases. Vikram says, Ashram land is my father’s and I didn’t ask it back but now I need it. Avantika says, Ashram claimed that the land is gifted to them by your Dad. She shows him Kaccha Kagaz with his Dad’s sign. Vikram says, he couldn’t identify his father’s signatures then how Ashram people claim that it is his Dad’s sign. Vikram says, he has original papers claiming him to be the owner. Avantika says, I want to see the papers. I can’t take any decision without seeing the papers. Vikram says, I don’t have papers as of now. Avantika says, it is quite amusing. You are saying that you didn’t bring the papers.

Avantika returns the cheque to Vikram and says next time bring the papers. Don’t do anything which can go against you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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