Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi saying Pankhudi that he will update her and Rubel. He starts acting again. Kapil wonders who is blackmailing him as the voice is not Avantika’s. Anuradha says she don’t want him to be in any trouble as they have proof against him. Kapil suspects her hand. Anuradha says she didn’t do anything. Kapil asks her to take him to Chachiji. Anuradha message Adi that they are coming out. Shanky tells Adi that the people will end up in jail and says he trust Avantika. She will do something. Kapil thinks it is Avantika’s hand.

Adi gets Avantika’s call and he tells her that they have to trap Bhatia today. He says save yourself if you can, Chachiji.

Sheela says she will call Kapil now. Chachiji asks Kapil to call on that number. Sheela calls

again. Chachiji picks the call and says you can’t threaten us. I know you are doing on Avantika and Adi’s saying. Sheela says your drama will end soon. And says I am two steps ahead of you. She says nobody can recognise you. She asks her to pack her bags. Kapil says they shall leave. Chachiji says it is Avantika’s doings. Kapil says you love me naa. You want to see me in Jail. He says we will leave to Sultanpur. Bhatia calls chachiji and asks her to take the property papers tomorrow. Chachiji says ok. Avantika and Adi asks Bhatia to give the original will else they will cancel his licence. Chachaji looks on. Bhatia gives the will.

Chachiji says we will wait till tomorrow, I will make everything alright. Anuradha thinks she is doing this to take him to the right path.

Govardhan mama asks Pankhudi to sign on some papers. Pankhudi asks, what is this. Mama says this is the police complaint against Deewan family. Pankhudi says she won’t sign. Mama tells Dadaji that Pankhudi is taking their side even now. Dadaji says it is not right to raise the issue and this will worsen their relations. Dadaji says he will decide about Pankhudi.

Rubel and Kaira comes to Avantika’s home. Adi says he is dying to meet him.Rubel says he don’t want to talk to him. He says why you did this. Adi says he did this for him. He says I have promised Pankhudi that we will celebrate our wedding anniversary in Deewan mansion. Both the brothers meet each other. Avantika asks Rubel to freshen up. Sheela enters now.

She hesitates to enter. Avantika welcomes her and says this house is yours too. Sheela says she has failed to become a good bhabhi. I hated Pankhudi but she saved my son. Avantika says Rubel is always a part of us. Harish says it is ok. He says we all know that you don’t have any grudges against anyone. Sheela says she will send Chachiji and family else asks Kaira to change her name. Kaira jokes what they shall name her then. Adi tells that you spoke to Kapil and he got afraid. Adi calls Pankhudi and she informs him that Govardhan mama wants to file police complaint against them. Adi wonders why he is doing this. He tells to Avantika. Sheela takes the call and asks Pankhudi not to be afraid. She says you will be here in 2 days. She says why you did this. Sheela cuts the call seeing Chachaji. Chachaji apologizes to them. Avantika says we can’t change whatever had happened. Adi says tomorrow is the last day of Chachiji at Deewan mansion.

Sheela calls Kapil again and asks him to leave immediately. She says she will inform the police that he planned Rubel’s accident. Kapil offers her money. Sheela says only her death can close her mouth and laughs.

Sheela says she participated in the Ram leela at her native place. Everyone became her fan. Kapil asks Anuradha that they have to leave now. He asks her to talk to revathi and he will talk to Mom. Kapil comes to Chachiji and says mom, Chachiji says why you came like this and where is your wheel chair. What will happen if anyone see you. Kapil says they have to leave at the earliest. He says she knows that we are involved in everything.

At the bus station, Kapil asks anuradha and Revathi that he will see the bus timings. Police comes to Kapil.

Bhatia tells Adi that she is coming to Deewan Mansion. Adi calls Pankhudi and says it is now or never.

Avantika tells Chachiji that they want a written statement that their family is not involved in any fake note racket. Harish says you will not confessed so why have taken Kapil’s name. Chachiji looks shocked as she is trapped.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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