Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th May 2013 Written Update

episode starts with anuj telling only pankhu is the honest n correct person n we all r wrong n thanx a lot beta ur correct frm first but we dinn believe u but u did it for kaira……but honestly rubel should do this for his sister..but he want all property so im shame of him…..n mr.anuj i know i didnt do anything for kaira but wat u did for ur sisters preeti n avantu………kaira says enough n she rushes to take drugs pankhu stops her n says no wat u need is love n affection…..we r all with u….n kaira bursts out crying n says no one needs me n no one cares me….pankhi tells no we r with u …sheela tells yes we all with u bhayya bhabhi dadaji bua n phiphaji….adi consoles her n tells kaira u need to forget all bad things n start afresh….but kaira tells

itz not that easy. adi tells not easy but not impossible right……sheela tells wat i wanted not to happen that happend…n nanu tells be happy that marriage dinn happen……rubel thinks shit again flop n latika tells thank god bachgai….n corrects kaira bachgayi…….avantu consoles sheela n tells i think u should control ur self…….sheela tells why me avantika i wish kairas happiness always but she is not at all happy…….n pankhu tells kaira is resting n avantu tells we should leave……….n nanu thankh paya n tells ur experts i had a natha or grand child(adi). he used to love me n used to play badminton n always used to be out ….n used to give sweets hiding frm his mom…he is lost plz return him back….adi is emotional n tells i was never lost in match……n nanu tells plz adi retuen me my previous adi….adi n nanu hug eachother…….n adi tells y u dinn stop me when i was going……n i really missed u nanu ( waa adi i will become salman khan while going n at last u pretend ur innocent n all..) and adi nanu challenge for a match n nanu tells i will cm to ur room n wake u up…..n suddenly he remembers paya no more stay here…..(really nanu ur a tubelight…)

kaira is sleeping n nanu cms there n tells poor child when will she get happiness she deserves ……n preety cms to anuj n sheela n tells control urself…….n anuj in midnight goes to kairas room n cries n remembers his past behaviour with kaira n harish n family are having dinner….n anuj calls pankhu n telks thanks n pankhu tells no need mamaji if we were in trouble u would also help us naa……n anuj is happy aswell as worried for kaira…. anuj thanks again n again n says i wont forgive this in my entire lyf

shanky opens the door n nanu has arrived harish home n he says i was missing pankhus hand made breakfast n she tells i will bring in a minute n he telks we all should go to shirdi to thank baba for helping us all in tym of day…….. hartika (avantu is jst beautiful) nanu n shanky r in dmansion n adi cms there n tells pankhus b’day is cming we should give her a surprise together nanu tells surprize is must…but only u should alone give her a surprise……all r affirm to nanu n tells yes u should do it……n adi thinks

precap….. rk enters finally n pankhu opens the door n he says adi sir sent me to pick up you n pankhu tells yes i will cm in afew minutes…

Update Credit to: paya fan

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