Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sheela saying Anuj went on Nanu, and the girls went on Nani. Avantika comes to talk to Nani and says you are our family member. Pankhudi says mom, let it go. Avantika tells Nani that her behavior is hurting everyone. Nani says I don’t care. Avantika says if you had so much problem with us, why did you come here, no one forced you. Nani says leave my room. Avantika says I know you respect my dad else you would have not come here. Pankhudi tells Nani that Avantika scolded her much because of her. She says have breakfast then we will talk. Nani asks what. Pankhudi leaves.

Preeti calls Sameer and tells him that she got urgent work and can’t come now. Mrs. Kapoor calls Vikram and says we have made Preeti busy, now she won’t come in sangeet function.

Vikram smiles. Pankhudi comes to Nani and says Kaira wants a gift from you. Nani says whats all this. Pankhudi says sing a song in her sangeet. Nani says no way. Pankhudi says sing a nice song. Nani says out…. mad. Pankhudi leaves. Nani says all of them are mad. She says I have to tell everyone that Varun is not ready for this marriage.

Farhan announces the sangeet function saying today its Diwaan talkies in Diwaan mansion. Anuj and Sheela show a Rajkumar pic and says black and white era is for us. Avantika and Harish show a pic and says its love, which never goes out of fashion. Adi and Pankhudi enter and show the pic. Its Aashiqui 2 poster. Adi says we are under this coat and thats the proof. He pulls her leg and she jokes on him. Avantika asks did you talk to Preeti. Harish says she might be getting ready, she will come. Sameer shows a photo of him and Preeti. He says Preeti is busy in work, so I m alone, she will be here any moment. Adi asks Pankhudi why is she happy. She says Nani is ready to come in the function.

Adi says she should agree to sing a song. Bau ji and Mama comes and Adi hugs them. Pankhudi greets them. Mama asks where is Anuj. Sameer’s parents also come. Vikram comes withh his family. Vikram and Amrita pic is as DDLJ. Amrita tells whats love for her. She looks at Vikram and says love is a feeling if its with you, removes every pain. Vikram gets a call and leaves. Vikram comes to know that Varun went to Australia and is shocked. He understands that Varun met Nani there. He asks the man to find out the details. He says Varun did not tell me he went to Australia, this marriage should not stop.

Kaira and Varun make their entry. Bau ji tells Adi that Nani will come. Nani comes and everyone smile. Nani thinks of talking to Varun and telling the truth that Varun is not ready for this marriage. Nani greets Bau ji and leaves. Bau ji says she looks worried. Mama says she could have talked to us for a minute. Nani looks at Varun and thinks how to talk to him. Vikram gets a call and comes to know that Varun met Nani in Australia. Nani is unable to talk to Varun. Vikram thinks why did Varun lie to him.

Avantika says where is Preeti. Harish says don’t worry, why are you doubting on Vikram. She says maybe you are right, I feel something is not right. She says Vikram knows its sangeet today and even then he gave so much work to Preeti. Harish supports Vikram. Vikram talks to Nani about Varun. Adi thinks what is Vikram doing with Nani, does he know Varun and Nani’s connection. Pankhudi says we should wait. Anuj and Sheela argue. Harish jokes. Vikram says I asked for them passports for their honeymoon and I came to know about his Australia trip. She says I m his teacher and guide. He says I m sad that he lied to me. She says would you let him of he told you the truth. She says if you care about him, then why are you forcing him to marry. Vikram is shocked.

Nani tells Vikram that Varun is not ready for this marriage and his decision will ruin two lives. She says I will tell everyone the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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