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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela and Payal talking about Ayesha, and where are her models. Rubel and Anuj ask about Harish and Adi. Ayesha says they are together working for me. Anuj smiles. Nafisa comes. Ayesha says I asked Nafisa to come here for my work. Rubel leaves. Payal and Sheela see Nafisa. Ayesha says thanks for coming. Payal says what is she doing here. Sheela says don’t do anything, it will be bad for Ayesha in sometime. Rakhi comes with her daughter. Ayesha says she is my guest and came to help me. Payal asks who is she. Sheela says she is Harish’s friend Rakhi. Payal asks why is she here. Sheela says don’t know. Sheela asks Rubel about Harish and Adi. He says they are helping Adi. Payal says I m so happy that I got Rubel back today, it’s a win for me.

Sheela says you

have to win competition too. She says what is everyone doing to help Ayesha. Avantika comes home and sees the decorations. Anuj says what a pleasant surprise, I thought you won’t come. Avantika says I came for Adi’s sake, where is Harish. Anuj says Harish and Adi are busy with Ayesha. Ayesha thanks her for coming and smiles. She says now it won’t matter whatever happens. Sheela thanks her friend Sonali. Ayesha comes and Sheela introduces her to Sonali. Rubel says decide whose show will be first. Ayesha is shocked to see her show stopper design copied as Sonali is wearing its duplica. Payal asks what happened Ayesha, I feel you need some more time, its ok. Rubel I will go first. Rubel says come, lets go.

Ayesha thinks how can this happen, what should I do now. She sees her dress and says how can she wear some dress, same fabric, just color is different, I have to win for Adi. The show begins and everyone claps. Ayesha says I have to make another dress ready and win. She begins designing a new one. Anuj says I m happy seeing this celebration. Avantika says where is Adi and Harish. Payal brings her collection titles Touch of India. The modelss does the rampwalk and Rubel is very happy with the designs. Ayesha says how will I make new dress in so less time, but I have to win to keep Adi’s trust.

Payal comes wearing the show stopper dress and looks stunning. Everyone smile seeing her and clap. Avantika hugs Payal. Rubel says I m so happy, the show was very marvelous. Payal says Ayesha’s show still has to happen. Rubel asks where is Ayesha. Sheela asks Rubel to start her show. Rubel says she needs some time. Payal says its ok, small things happens. Sheela says ask Ayesha to start the show or accept that she lost. Rubel says I will go and see her.

Ayesha is ready with her new dress. Payal stops him and asks is he supporting Ayesha. He says no, everyone is waiting for her. Ayesha says I will change fast. Payal says I felt bad seeing Nafisa, I want to trust you, but Nafisa created misunderstanding between us, I feel insecure seeing her here. I m doing this for you, I saw concern in your eyes for me, I don’t want to lose it, I want to win only for you, not to get a store. Ayesha hears this. Rubel says Nafisa was past, forget her, and the result will not affect my love for you. Rubel hugs her.

He says lets not waste time. Ayesha locks the door. Rubel knocks the door. He says Payal’s show is over, we are waiting. She says I will come, just start the show. He wishes her all the best. Ayesha thinks which one to wear now, as she wants Payal to win.She takes both the dresses in her hands and thinks. Avantika thinks where is Adi and Harish, I hope everything is fine. Adi makes an entry on the ramp and everyone is surprised seeing him. Adi says presenting to you Old wine in new bottle collection by Ayesha Kumar. Rakhi and her daughter start the show by their act. Next comes Shanky. Everyone smile.

Nafisa too looks stunning and walks the ramp. Adi plays flute and walks the ramp. He looks super cool. Next comes Harish. Avantika is really happy. Ayesha wears the old design which she made first and Sheela copied. Sheela shows Sonali’s dress to Avantika and Avantika looks shocked. Jaye kahan ye batade tere bina……………….plays…………….Everyone clap for Ayesha.

Sonali taunts Avantika saying Ayesha copied the design. Adi hears this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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