Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi getting romantic. Pyaar Ka Dard Hai………Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara Plays……………..Rubel is seen running after Payal while the song keeps on playing…….Sheela is happy seeing Kaira and Varun together. Avantika tells Anuj that they will leave. Anuj thanks her for coming. Preeti says, I was missing Dad. Sheela pulls Anuj’s leg. Harish praises Anuj. Avantika leaves. Avantika thinks about Vikram’s words. She asks the driver to take her home fast. Vikram invites them for lunch. Rubel says, no formality. Vikram says, I want you to see Kaira’s home. He invites them. Amrita hugs Pankhudi and asks her to come. Sheela is happy that Kaira got engaged.

Payal talks about Dhanrajgir’s class and praises them. Pankhudi says,

love is important. Payal says, one can’t be happy without money. She says, Kaira will be very happy there. Vikram tells Amrita that give charity. Varun says, we can postpone the wedding. Vikram says, marriage will happen in some weeks. Why you get scared with me. I am your buddy. He asks Amrita and Varun to do as he says. Amrita tells Varun not to worry.

Anuj says, I called to Sultanpur and talks to Chachiji. They will come for Kaira’s marriage. Anuj asks Sheela to call Dholpur relatives. Sheela says, I won’t invite anyone. Pankhudi and Shanky insist, Sheela refuses. Adi comes and asks, shall we take something to Dhanrajgir’s home. Rubel asks them to go to their home. Kaira plans their honeymoon and asks Rubel and Adi to go with their better half’s. Anuj asks them to go.

Sheela asks them to go on a honeymoon to moon. Adi says, you grandchildren will go to moon. Kaira suggests Australia. Rubel says, it is not a bad idea as Adi gets dreams of Australia. Adi agrees. Sheela asks them to see Kangaroo in Australia. Adi says, we will shop for Kaira’s wedding as well. Anuj says, this trip is a gift from me. Rubel and Adi thank him.

Sameer is talking to the shop owner. Preeti comes and says they got a guarantor. Nirmala says, it is a good thing. You need to be careful as you have to pay the debt. Nirmala thinks Avantika might have arranged the money.

Adi comes to Vikram and gives the gifts. Vikram says I am impressed. He asks about Rubel and Payal. Pankhudi tells about NGO problem. Adi tells him about going to Melbourne. Vikram says it is beautiful place. Varun comes. Vikram says, your first priority is Kaira. He asks her to take Kaira and takes her suggestions. Kaira says, everything is fine. Vikram says, I want old Kaira, free and frank. Kaira smiles and says I didn’t like the curtain, change it. Varun is shocked. Vikram says you read my mind. I told Amrita to change the curtains. Adi says, Kaira is just…..frank. Vikram says, I give freedom of expression to everyone. Kaira is going to be Mrs. Dhanrajgir.

Nirmala calls Avantika and thanks her. Avantika asks her not to tell anything to Preeti. She requests her to sort out her differences with Preeti. Adi says, mama will talk to you about the engagement date. Amrita says it is too early. Varun says, I was thinking to postpone the date. Vikram says, it is premarital fears. Adi says, we can postpone the wedding and it is absolutely fine. Vikram says Varun is ready. He tells Adi that he will be sending gifts for Sheela and Avantika. Adi says, mom is very stubborn. Vikram says, it is lovely having you all here. Pankhudi says, we shall leave now. They leaves. Vikram says, I will cool down Avantika’s anger.

Someone asks Avantika what is your opinion about Dhanrajgir case. Avantika looks on.

Vikram says he is the owner of the land and have the papers as well. Avantika asks him to show the papers. Vikram looks on..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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