Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi saying Chachaji that they need his support and says you are not save here. He is taking him somewhere. Anuradha comes and says I am with you buaji. She tells Adi that she is ready to testimony against Kapil and Chachiji.

Latika calls Chachiji and says she made it clear that if Rubel opens his mouth then he will get the punishment. She says that Sheela will never allow him to open the mouth. Chachiji says but Avantika and Preeti took the CD with them. Latika says we knew this but Rubel and Sheela didn’t know. They will do as we say. She smirks.

Rubel tells Sheela that he will tell everything to his father. Sheela says she is ashamed as she said much to Adi and Pankhudi. Rubel says we have to do something for them. Sheela is determined

to unite Adi and Pankhudi. Harish tells him that Adi called him. Rubel calls Adi and asks him to take Pankhudi on the conference call.

Chachiji asks about Chachaji. Anuradha pretends to be unaware. Pankhudi thanks god that Rubel is fine. Rubel asks Adi, why he took such a step. Rubel says we should expose them and should go to police. Pankhudi says please don’t do that. Adi says he have a plan and Rubel didn’t have to surrender either.

Kapil tells Chachiji that it isn’t good that we locked Dad in the room. Chachiji says it is good that he went. Kapil cares for chachaji. Chachiji says she transferred chachaji’s property on her name. Kapil is shocked. And says she will transfer the remaining 50% on her name. She goes to search chachaji.

Adi tells Pankhudi that their plan will be success. he says I will bring you back to the Deewan Mansion in two days. Pankhudi says after two days… Adi says I know, our anniversary. Rubel says we will take you on your anniversary day. Rubel tells him that his plan is fool proof. Adi tells Pankhudi that he will take her after 2days. Manik Chacha hears them talking and is tensed about Chachiji.

Govardhan mama tells Pankhudi that he hates Deewan family. He asks whether she was talking to Adi. Sheela asks Harish to get the return tickets to Mumbai and she will make sure that Sultanpur people returns home.

Adi takes Chachaji to Avantika’s home. Chachaji says sorry to Avantika for his wrong doings. Avantika says you have changed, it is good for you. We don’t need you. Chachaji says manorama did named the property on her name. Adi says he knew it and says he is waiting for the tomorrow morning. Adi tells Avantika that he will come after talking to Shanky kaka.

Dadaji tells Pankhudi that he couldn’t save her respect. Pankhudi says Adi is not at fault. Don’t take Chachiji’s words on the heart. Dadaji asks her to keep herself on his place and see.

Adi is thinking about Pankhudi while the title song plays in the BG. At the other end, Pankhudi is thinking about Adi. Both of them are longing to meet each other.

Adi is pretending to become Devdas without Pankhudi. He cries and tells Shanky that he needs Pankhudi. Anuradha and Shanky helps him in his plan. Chachiji sees him in a disturbed state and thinks she has won.

Sheela is speaking goody goody with Latika and says don’t bring out the old issues. She says we will become friends. Latika asks her to come to the point. Sheela requests her not to come with them. Latika asks what do you mean? Sheela says she means you don’t come in the flight. She asks her to get the next flight. She says Rubel needs time to get off with his anger on her. Latika agrees.

Sheela smiles on her plan. Chachiji tells Kapil that Adi got ready to transfer his property on our name. She thinks Adi has broken without Pankhudi. She laughs. Kapil get a call from someone.

Adi tells Pankhudi that his plan is a success and asks where is she? Pankhudi says she is leaving for the airport. Adi says he will come to pick her and asks her to go on a vacation.

Kapil tells Chachiji that he was someone else and not Avantika and Adi. He says we should go back to Sultanpur as we have atleast half of the property.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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