Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Update

todays episode starts with

pankhu & adi are in ahemdabad with harish convincing manan’s dad n after a long convincing manans dad finally agrees to come along with them up on their effort he tells harish lets tell who will be right n who will be wrong ……here marriage preparations r going on a full swing in dmansion….kaira is fully decked up as a dulhan sheela is getting her ready n has a blush on her face..manan is satisfied that finally no one can stop him frm reaching his motto… pandit came n is reading mantras all r there n kayra is giving pranam to havankund…………pankhu tells its 10 alredy marriage must have started…..avantu tells harish she wioll reach on time

manan n kaira exchange garlands n here paya r in the way….n gantbandhan

is going n pheras r yet to start n rubel is happy n pheras r now started all r throwing flowers on them n 7th phera starts n aadi enters rockingly n says stop this marriage……………..kayra shouts why r u spoling my life n adi holds her hand n says come with me i’m helping you not spoling ur lyf n all harish avantu praveen n pankhu enter the mandap……all r shocked n paya tell every1 that he is manans dad n all r shocked n sheela tells every1 manan told that his father died long back n today is his anniversry n manan tells this adi n pankhu r troubling me n he says i dont know this man surely paya would have bribed this man n he must be a dramatist ……………..manans dad is devasted n he tells son today u even forgot me…….n he says i’m not ur son i don’t know who r uCapture001

n adi tells enough manan ur crossing ur limits n kaira starts to defend manan n says he is true n pankhu tells no not at all y r u blindly beleiving in him he is a cheat n a fraud n we wont be silent if u hurt yourself..n kaira if u don’t believe me atleast believe in aadi..u only told that adi is the only person i can trust now y ru not believing in him……n wat problem will we have with ur marriage…………..n she tells kaira plz believe us all r in a state on shock

manan asks proof to prove that he is his dad n adi gets hyper n asks him wat the hell proof u want praveen modi shows proofs n manan says these can be created in fake…jst then avantu n preetu arrive there n are shocked to see the drama n all r shattered to see the proofs n kaira asks is this true……..manan has sheepish expressions on his face……………anuj gets hyper n is about to beat manan harish stops n says i have called the police n kaira asks him to tell n she gives him a tight slap n breaks down there n pankhu tries to console her n she stands up n says if u need my property u could have asked me i would have given u as bheek………….all r sad.

police arrive n say manan ur under arrest n his dad tells him to punish as severe as u can n they arrest him n his dad begs forgiveness frm all n latika thinks thank god i’m safe n harish consoles manans dad who is devasted n all r sad n start consoling each other n kaira is all shattered………..n nanu tells sab achhey key liye hota hai……n sheela is also sad n crying……
precap…. anuj thanks paya 4 saving his daughter’s life n avantu is watching all this ..

over all a very emotional episode n full of aasu n wet kerchiefs……………

Update Credit to: paya fan

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