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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela and Payal coming to meet Rocky. He says you are two hours late. Sheela asks about her costumes. She asks him to see this dress made by Ayesha and make similar one. Rocky says wow, so pretty, who made this. Payal likes the dresses. Rocky says pay me Rs 20000 more for waiting and Rs 50000 for bearing Sheela. Sheela says I m leaving him today. She says he will copy Ayesha’s dress and then my friend will wear it in the show, and her dress will be common and if the showstopper dress is common, it means we will win. Payal smiles. Sheela says hurry up, lets go home. They come back home. Sheela says I will keep Ayesha’s dress back in her room. Avantika sees them and they are shocked seeing her.

Avantika asks where are you guys coming from. Sheela says we went

to get dresses from tailors. Ayesha wakes up and comes there. Ayesha asks here where did they go. Sheela says why do you want to know, you want to copy Payal’s designs. She taunts Ayesha. Ayesha says I m not interested for Payal’s dress, my tailor is coming to deliver dresses so I came here. Sheela says fine, we will go and sleep. Payal says how will we keep this dress back. Sheela says you make her busy, till then I will keep this box back. Ayesha thinks where will the box go, I m overthinking. Payal makes Ayesha in her talk. She says I will win tomorrow. Ayesha says lets wait and see.

Sheela keeps the box back. Ayesha comes back to her room and says why is the box here, I kept the dress good, I m so careless. Its morning, Adi greets Avantika and asks where is she going. She says I have some responsibilities and I don’t want run away from them. He asks her to come in the evening show for him. She says stop being filmi. He says this day is important for me and Ayesha. He says it’s a test of my trust, its my dream for Ayesha. He says if you are with me, I will feel strong, I know you will come. He holds her hand and she leaves.

Bau ji calls Adi. Adi is happy about trust on Pankhudi’s name for girls education and asks Adi and Ayesha to come here. Ambika hears this and Bau ji says I called Adi and Ayesha here, if they come, they will stay with us. Ambika says I can’t see Ayesha here. Bau ji says fine, we will talk later. Ayesha comes to Adi and says she is nervous. He asks her to divert her mind. She asks him to sing a song. Adi is stunned and says ok. He says don’t look at me and sings Chahunga mai tujhe saanjh sawere……… Ayesha laughs seeing him sing so bad.

She says I m not nervous now, but I won’t to come to you next time. He says I did the effort, you know I never sang, not even for Pankhudi, but I know I don’t sing so bad. She says fine, I have some work, come. Shanky comes to Rubel and talks about arrangements. Payal comes with her models and asks them to try their costumes. She asks Rubel and Shanky not to stare at the models. Rubel says yes, we won’t see them. Sheela says I know boys, fine you can be here, as I will teach everyone how to rampwalk. Payal says really? Sheela says she won beauty contest for her village five times and says she will show the catwalk.

She walks and is about to fall. Payal says careful. Sheela says it happens sometimes. Everyone claps. Rubel says they learnt a lot, now let them practice. Sheela tells Payal that Rocky will deliver the dress to Sonali and she will come here wearing the dress. Payal says sorry Ayesha, your show stopper dress became common before it gets revealed. Ambika tells Bau ji how will we do arrangements. Mama says we will manage. Diwakar says lets do it on Pankhudi’s birthday. Bau ji says fine, Adi is coming, I will call Harish too.

Adi says sorry Ayesha, I can’t do this. Harish says I m ready. Ayesha says think we can save money, say yes for me. Adi says fine. She asks them to see each other. She says good boys, Nafisa will come in some time. Harish says my friend’s daughter will also come. Ayesha asks will Avantika come. Harish says she won’t. Ayesha says I will call her. She calls Avantika and Avantika answers rudely. She ends the call and says she will never take Pankhudi’s place for me. Adi asks Ayesha to get ready now. Ayesha says yes, I will check arrangements too. She looks at Nanu’s pic and talks to him, seeking his blessings. Adi and Harish looks on. Ayesha says I don’t want Pankhudi’s place, but a new one for me.

Sheela acts sweet and introduces her friend Sonali to Ayesha. Ayesha is shocked to see her designs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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