Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Preeti’s bidaai. Nanu tells some emotional dialogues to Sameer that he knows he will keep her happy. Harish asks Preeti to adjust in the house. Anuj too tells him not to disappoint Preeti. Preeti cries and meets everyone. She asks Latika and Rubel to care for the family. She then meets Adi and Pankhudi and advices them. Sheela acts to get emotional with Preeti bidaai and says she always wanted her to go from this house but now she is unable to hold back her tears from rolling on her face. She hugs Preeti and cries. She meets Avantika at the end while the song Baabul jo tune sikhaya jo tune bataya sajan ghar le chali plays in the background. Nanu tells her that she have the right on this house forever. He requests Sameer to take his wife along with him. Preeti

bids them an emotional goodbye and leaves.

Adi comes to Pankhudi and asks are you thinking about Maasi. He says he doesn’t understand how girls leaves their paternal homes to go with someone else after marriage. he finds Pankhudi in tears and asks her whether she is missing Kulu. Pankhudi breaks down and says there is a problem going on in Kulu.

Nirmala welcomes Preeti and Sameer with the aarti and asks Preeti to enter the house. Preeti and Sameer enters the house smilingly. Nirmala tells them to take the aashirwad from Bappa.

Adi asks Pankhudi why he didn’t tell him anything. Pankhudi says she thought to inform him after maasi’s marriage or else he would have been tensed. Adi says he will go to Kulu next morning and will clear the misunderstanding which her family had with mamaji. Pankhudi says but Maasi will be coming tomorrow for pagphera, Adi says you are there naa, you take care of my family and I will go and unite your family. He wipes her tears.

The guests praises Preeti and asks Deshpande what he got as a dowry. Sadanand says they didn’t go to Deewan’s for asking Preeti’s hand but Deewan’s comes to them with the marriage proposal. Preeti looks on. Nirmala covers up and says Sameer and Preeti likes each other and wants to spend the rest of their lives with each other that’s why they got married. She asks Preeti to take some rest as she might be tired after so many rituals.

Nanu talks with Avantika and says he is not happy as Preeti left home but he is happy as she got married. Avantika says Sameer is a good guy and Nirmala ji is also good lady but I didn’t get a good vibes from Mr. Deshpande. Adi comes there and informs them that he needs to Kulu tomorrow urgently.

Sameer comes to his room, Preeti tells him that their new life is starting from today. She continues that we need to share our past with each other and I didn’t tell you about the person because of whom I had to undergo the abortion. Sameer says it doesn’t matter to him. She says it matters and he was none other than Pankhudi’s chacha. Sameer assures her that her past will not effect their future.

Nanu asks Adi to go as they need him there. Pankhudi says but Maasi will come for pagphera. Avantika too asks Adi to go and book the tickets. She says they will manage.

Nanu gets Manik’s calls and Nanu informs him that Preeti got married and his family is settled now. Nanu asks him to meet him. He gets happy when Manik says he will be coming to Mumbai.

Deewan’s family comes to mandir to do the puja. Nanu tells Pankhudi that this God is their Kul Devta and because of his blessings their family is blossomed. Rubel asks Sheela, what happened to Dadaji. He took us here early morning. Sheela says dont know what happened to him. Nanu prays to the God that he showed them the right path always and take care of his kids. He asks Panditji to blesses Pankhudi. He tells his family that he wanted to do the havan with his family. The episode ends on Pankhudi’s cute face.

Pankhudi asks about the Gramaphone to Nanu. Nanu tells her that he used to wake up Nani with this gramaphone. He asks Pankhudi to take it to her room after two days and keep it safely.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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