Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kailash saying he is agreeing to go with PaYa to Kullu but is in doubt how he will be received by family members

PaYa says him not to worry as he will be forgiven. Kailash repents for his past deeds and mistakes and says he is ready to beg forgiveness from everyone.

Pankuri gets a gift from Kailash’s wife and says since they came at a short notice and nothing going well for them as well.

To Kailash, his wife says that come back here only after making some decision about future life and she will be respecting it.

Kailash says to his wife that he is going to ask forgiveness from Preety and so going to Mumbai for that but from his wife he has lost that right as well.

Finally everyone leaves for Kullu

While going in car, PaYa decides that they will keep away from telling everyone at kullu the affair of Preety Maasi with Kailash as that will infuriate the family members more and they won’t forgive him. In car, Kailash gets a call and talks regarding something in a low voice. After PaYa car enters in Kullu, Geeta too comes in Kulu

On the other hand, at Mumbai, Harish is about to sign the divorce papers

At kullu, Dibakar (Pankuri’s father) on seeing Pankuri along with Kailash comes out running and says how come he is here and how dare he enters the house now after dishonoring the family members.

Kailash sheds tears and says PaYa convinced him to come to Kullu and he only came in the hopes of getting himself pardoned and came here just to seek apology from Dada Ji and other family members and asks permission to meet Dada Ji at least for once.

Govardhan denies him entry, Pankuri begs him to allow Kailash to meet Dada Ji once but Govardhan still keeps on denying, says Pankuri is too good to believe in every word of Kailash but still he is cheating everyone and has come here to serve his own purpose as he never thought of anyone apart from his own,

Pankuri says it is Dada Ji’s decision to forgive Kailash or never see his face but asks Govardhan to at least allow Kailash to go near Dada Ji as that will provide him some amount of happiness but Govardhan says Dada Ji will be happy only for 2 days but after that will plunge into sorrow and they won’t be able to control Dada Ji and doubts Kailash’s intention

Dibakar (Pankuri’s father) says even when they met Pankuri she never made her intention clear of staying in a hotel instead of staying in her house and so he is somewhat shocked to see Pankuri bringing Kailash, says for Kailash she is now lying to him. Before Pankuri can say anything, Adi defends her and says it is for him that Pankuri lied so that Adi doesn’t have any discomfort she opted to stay in hotel, but Govardhan says no one in this house behaves rudely with enemies even the pathetic way their family members behaves with relatives Mama didn’t let go of an opportunity to take a dig towards Adi and lapped it up fully

Govardhan says he and Dibakar Bhaiya (Pankuri’s dad) cannot let Kailash get towards Dada Ji or even let him meet, and brands Kailash as selfish and who hoodwinked even family members and has put everyone to shame over his behaviors Since they believe in taking right decisions this decision has been taken keeping in mind the best interest of all

Pankuri’s dad says he cannot let Kailash meet Dada ji or allow him to set foot in the house, also says if Pankuri supports Kailash now then she will have to forsake every ties with her own family and this family’s door will always be closed for her

Pankuri stay silent, and Dibakar takes it as her refusal to obey him or take him to be right, says it is Pankuri’s decision if she choose to severe ties with family because of Kailash.

Adi tries to say something but Govardhan stops him, says where he would have done some good by speaking out there he chose to be silent and now he is trying to open his mouth

Pankuri tries in vain, asks Ambika to come and help and convince her father regarding Kailash’s entry, but Ambika says it is useless and her father won’t be forgiving Kailash anyway as the past is still haunting him

Adi seems upset and asks Pankuri later why she chose one person when it came between her Chacha and father and why she didn’t told the truth, Pankuri says it all depends on the situation and had she told the truth, the matter could have taken a more serious turn and her father-Govardhan Chacha duo won’t have been forgiving then and says she is sure someday kailash will be pardoned. She says earlier Dada Ji use to tell her that someday she will need to make a choice over her own family and her husband’s one and for a girl it is extremely tough to choose between the two. Pankuri says earlier she didn’t experienced it but now experiencing it the hard way

Adi decides to make light of the situation and says Pankuri is such a crazy girl

Preeti Mashi out of desperation seeing her didi-jiju’s relation to be on the brink of being destroyed shouts out loudly that she aborted a baby of Kailash and Harish isn’t the person as Avantika is seeming to believe. Avantika has a blank expression on her face

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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