Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel calling Payal. Adi picks the call and says I am driving and will be reaching soon. Rubel asks, are you with Payal? Adi disconnects the call. Payal says sorry to Adi. Adi asks her to shut up and asks, can’t you see Rubel’s love increasing for you day by day. Sheela says, why Adi and Pankhudi didn’t tell you? Rubel says you asks them. Sheela says, I can’t figure out what is happening in this house. Pankhudi is in the police station. Constable asks her name. Pankhudi hesitantly tells her name. Lawyer comes followed by Adi. Adi says I will take you from here. Lawyer says, bail is not possible until morning. She is faced with the charges of consuming alcohol without permit. Payal says I will confess everything. Adi asks her not to create more

problems for them. He says, they will arrest you too. Pankhudi asks him not to speak like that with Payal. Adi asks Lawyer to talk to the Inspector.

Latika says, Pankhudi is caught but we had planned this for Payal. She says let’s celebrate. She asks, do you really love Payal. Rohit says, yes. I was about to marry her but her dad and phuphaji disheartened my ego and that’s why I shake my hand with you for money. He says, you married Rubel for money. Latika says, this time my plan is revenge. Adi explains that they have gone there to search someone and asks the Inspector to get the breath analyst test done.

Rubel and Kaira waits for them. Kaira asks Rubel to call Adi. Rubel calls on their numbers but they didn’t pick his call. Sheela scolds Rubel for sending Payal to the party. She asks Anuj to enquire about Adi and Pankhudi from harish. Pankhudi cries breath analyst test. Adi says, we didn’t go there to attend the party. Lawyer argues. Inspector says, without papers we can’t let your wife go. You have to wait till the morning.

Adi gets Rubel’s call and he says, everybody is getting tensed. Where are you? Adi says car was not working so we stopped. Rubel says, I am coming there? Adi says we are near jogger’s park. Rubel says I am leaving now. Pankhudi says, we have to stop him. Rubel tells Sheela that I am going to pick them. Kaira asks Sheela to relax. Harish and Avantika argues about the latter’s decision to donate the kidney to Preeti. Avantika says Sheela bhabhi won’t let Anuj bhaiyya to donate the kidney. She asks, wouldn’t you allow me if Preeti is your sister. Harish says how can you say that and says I don’t want you to donate the kidney.

Adi says mom is talking to DIG and you will be freed soon. Avantika says Payal should have inform us before going. She is in mess now. Harish says, Sheela is right as Payal’s behavior is strange. Avantika says, we have to get Pankhudi out of lock up. Inspector says, we are releasing your wife. Adi and Pankhudi smiles. Payal says sorry to Pankhudi. Pankhudi ignores her. Payal asks her to speak with her. Pankhudi says, you will do as you wish. I thought you will accept our family.

Rubel reaches jogger’s park and calls Adi. Adi says we left from that place. Rubel gets worried for Payal. Adi says she is fine. Adi says I won’t support her any longer. They leaves. Sheela awaits for Rubel and thinks something is fishy. Rubel comes back alone. Sheela gets hyper. Anuj asks her to calm down. Sheela asks Avantika, did they are in problem? Avantika is about to say, just then Pankhudi calls her. Everyone turns to see them. Rubel sees Payal in tears.

Rubel asks, Payal, are you okay? Pankhudi lies saying Payal is unwell. Sheela makes her sit. Rubel asks Shanky to get water. Sheela rubs her palms and Rubel sits with her. Sheela asks, how did you reach there? Pankhudi says, coincidently we went to the same place where Payal went? Adi says then, we went to have icecream. Adi angrily asks them, not to blame Payal. Payal cries. Adi says, I won’t lie anymore to my family. Enough of this nuisance. Rubel asks,what is wrong? Adi says nothing is right and you need to know the truth. Adi says, Payal didn’t went to some birthday party or girls party. Sheela asks, from where you are coming now? Adi replies police station.

Rubel tells Sheela that I fell in love with Payal that’s why married her. But today I realised it was a big mistake of my life. Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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