Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadaji taking Pankhudi with him. Adi hugs Avantika and cries. Avantika takes Adi with her.Chachiji claps on her plan and says her plan is fulfilled. She says I will correct your brains to Revathi and Anuradha. Shanky says time will tell what will happen to you. Chachiji asks him to stop saying she will throw him. Shanky says he is here as Adi baba is here else he would have left.

Anuradha and Revathi is determined to bind Adi and Pankhudi relations once again. Chachiji comes and opens the door. Chachaji asks, how dare you close the door. I will tell everything to everyone. Chachiji says Pankhudi left home. Chachaji accuses her saying you are blinded by the wealth. Chachiji asks him to be her puppet. He is about to slap her but kapil holds his hand

and threatens him. chachaji says Adi and Pankhudi were right, this woman is bad. Kapil tells Chachaji that if he dares to slap his mother then he will lose his son. Chachiji starts acting and says she is doing this for her childrens. Chachaji asks her to fear from God and says you want property for yourself. Kapil shouts at Chachaji and says his mom gave 100% of her to them and didn’t expect anything.

Adi says he didn’t have any reason to stop pankhudi. And says Dadaji will give pankhudi back to me. Harish calls Avantika and says Rubel is fine now.Avantika cries and tells everything. Harish asks,how can you let pankhudi go. Adi asks him to understand. Harish says I didn’t understand your divorce. he says neither you would have been divorced, neither this would have happen.

Sheela tells Rubel that Adi and Pankhudi are divorcing each other. Rubel says he need to go. Sheela asks him not to think as it is their life. Rubel says he needs to tell her something.

Dadaji says that he won’t change his decision. Pankhudi says she can’t live without Adi. Dadaji says this world won’t allow you to be with Adi. Pankhudi cries while the PDKH song plays in the BG. Adi is crying at the other end.

Rubel tells her everything and says this is the truth. Adi went to Jail because of me. I supported Chachaji and his doings. Latika was with them and manipulated me. She used me against Adi. Sheela says Latika didn’t do good. Sheela says but why Adi and pankhudi are divorcing. Rubel says may be Chachiji has kept some condition. Sheela says she was blaming them and they didn’t tell her anything. She says Latika might know everything.

Latika overhears them talking and gets shocked. Sheela pushes her and says she will show her place once she reaches to Mumbai. Adi calls Pankhudi and says he is happy that rubel is fine now. Pankhudi says she can’t live without him. Adi says he can’t disrespect dadaji that’s why he is not coming to take her. Pankhudi says ok, will call you later.

Adi comes to Chachaji’s room and opens the door. Latika tells Sheela that your son will go to Jail technically. He did everything. Sheela slaps her and says she is Sheela Deewan. Latika asks her to keep her voice low. Rubel asks her, how can you do this? Latika threatens him that she has his video clips and she will give it to the police. Rubel says he will surrender to the police.

Chachaji says sorry to Adi and says he did a big mistake. He says you were right about Manorama. I was blinded by her and I couldn’t see by my eyes. He cries. Chachaji tells him that bhai saheb fulfilled all his responsibilities and Manorama did manipulated everything. She manipulated the will. Adi says your repentness is our win and Chote nani will get the harsh punishment.

Latika asks then when you will surrender. Sheela says you will not surrender and asks him to promise her. Rubel says she will take the advantage but promises her. Latika asks Rubel to close his mouth. Harish and Kaira comes and sees this. Harish tells Sheela and Rubel that they are making Adi and Pankhudi divorcing each other. And asks Sheela not to panic after listening to the truth.

Adi says you are my nana’s brother. I will complaint to you all my life but your repentness is our win.Chachaji says he wants Manorama to be punish. she should realise her mistake. Adi says chote nani will get the harsh punishment.

Rubel is talking to Adi and asks him to add Pankhudi on the conference call. Adi tells Pankhudi that chote nani’s game will be finished in 2 days and promises that he will come to take her after 2days. Pankhudi says after 2 days there is something…. Adi says he knows and he will take her back to the Deewan Mansion. Rubel hears on the conference call.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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