Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd May 2013 Written Update

now serial begins with sheela discussing abt kairas marriage with rubel but he is no mood to listen ….she is irked with his behaviour n says she is ur only sister have some patience…..sheela says latika is a waste person n she says she must be sleeping……latika blasts a bomb that she is pregnant rubel n sheela r shocked…..n sheela says oh god wat is happening with me it cant happen n sheela says ii is not true n rubel says i dont want this babyn latika think we can blackmail anyone with this news n rubel agrees with her.

N sheela tells to abort the baby n rubel says no for it n says it is my baby n its my decision n sheela is frustaed n warns latika to stay away frm rubel n says ur only temporary bahu….

Hartika have a convo over harish’s

diet control n they take off to mumbai in flight.

Paya say that they have to go to some kubernagar. (manans home). They reach there but in vain as home is locked n neighbours say they r shifted n some arvind bhai is the owner of the house

anuj n sheela think n feel good n they r thinking good abt kaira for the firat tym …n manan cms there n says only twelve hrs r left 4 my marriage n no 1 can beat me.

Paya find the new address by a watch man n they meet a man n ask him abt manan the man calls police n says to arrest him n says that adi is blackmailing manan n tells police to arrest.. Mananz dad defends manan n police arrest paya…..manan gets a call frm his dad n he says they r arrested (manans dad is innocent …this dog is playing with his dad) manan says thank god i cooked a story n succeeded…….adi asks for a phone call n calls harish n tells him that paya are in ahemdabad n in pstation……… {he is manan’s dad}

Anuj is with nana but nana says i dont believe manan……

In ahemdabad. Pankhu tells Adi we should take mr.praveen ( manans dad(
) to mumbai ……..n he will himself see wat his son is in real lyf…….n says latika. Wouldn’t have said anything abt manan there in dmansion…….BREAK…….


manan is threatening latika hw cm paya knew abt me…..n keep in mind if u try to ditch me ull be finished. N manan leaves and is speaking to latika n says enough once the marriage happens …….suddenly sheela arrives there n he stops the convo by seeing her in sudden n he says then i will make sheela to take rest by working myself….sheela is happy that i got a good son in law……

Adi is nervous wat will happen in police station jst then harish arrives with bail papers…….inapector is super exited to see harish n says he is a crazy fan of him …..n harish introduces paya to him……n he apolozizes for mis behaving with them n he asks harish to tell a joke frm his movie………BREAK…….


sheela is shouting at some worker to work properly….

harish n paya reach manans dad house n he is not ready to believe them at all n harish says dont dare to insult my children (paya) Ill have to ctoss my limits ………..n then harish tells manans dad if u have full faith then cm to mumbai with us n see ur sons real character if not we will be proven wrong …..n epi ends on harishs face .

marriage is happening n pheras r started adi enters heroically n shouts stop this marriage n all n amused n look at adi in shock……. .

Update Credit to: paya fan

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