Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nani asking Varun why is he worried. The Qawwali starts………. Ankhon me pyaar liye hue lo ji hum aagaye…………. plays……….. The men dance on the song in Qawwali style. The women also join them. Vikram waits for someone while everyone are busy in dance. Anuj hugs Kaira and Varun. Rubel says I told you ladies need much attention. Farhan comes to talk to Adi. Adi goes with him. Rubel asks Varun to keep his sister happy or else….. Varun leaves. Pankhudi looks on. Adi thanks Farhan for the arrangements. Farhan asks him to sign on Rs. 2.5 crores cheque. Adi signs it. Adi tells Shanky, its Kaira’s marriage, nothing should be less.

Farhan gives the cheque to Vikram. Vikram smiles. Vikram calls Khanna and says the first installment is ready,

where should I send the cheque. He asks Farhan to make many cheques signed like this. Vikram says I will take Rs. 200 crores from Avantika as the whole family will pay for it, this marriage will happen at any cost. Nani scolds Varun for saying yes to marriage if he was not sure. Pankhudi walks in. Nani says Kaira is having some dreams, you can’t do this. Varun says actually Vikram….. Adi calls Pankhudi….. Nani and Varun hear that and opens the door. Adi asks Varun why is he here. Vikram says Varun don’t talk to strangers. Adi says lets go to have food.

Pankhudi asks Nani to come for dinner. Nani says I m not hungry, I will have food later. Varun leaves. Nani says Varun is not happy with this marriage, how can I see two lives getting ruined. She says what to do now, be quiet or tell the truth to everyone. Pankhudi’s mum, Mama and Bau ji have a talk. Bau ji says I read the verdict, I m happy that Vikram did not change his decision after what Avantika did. Mama says he bear Rs. 200 crores loss. Bau ji says yes, I doubted him, but now I m sure he is a good man. He says lets go now. They leave.

Adi sings lo ji hum aagaye…………. and comes to Pankhudi. He pulls her leg. Vikram talks to Amrita about Nani. Amrita thinks she should not tell Vikram about Nani that she is Varun’s teacher. Amrita says maybe she talked to him nicely and Varun became comfortable. Vikram says its strange. He asks did you take Kaira’s passport from them, we have to book honeymoon tickets. She says don’t worry, I will take Varun’s passport also and give it to the agent. Vikram talks ti the agent and says you know what you have to do. The man says I will reject the visa. Vikram says good.

Adi and Pankhudi have a talk. She asks him to go and close the lights. Adi acts lazy and says you go and close the lights. They start arguing. She says fine, I will off the lights. Adi beats her with pillows. Amrita comes to Varun and wakes him up. She asks him why are you sleeping here and why did you not change. He says I don’t know when I slept here. She asks are you fine, what is the matter. Varun says I m fine, I m upset about myself, why am I like this, I called Kaira to tell her the truth but I could not, not even Nani, this will spoil Kaira’s life also.

He says how can Vikram agree after losing the case, maybe he has some benefit. Amrita trusts Vikram and says he is your brother. Vikram hears them talking. Amrita asks Varun to give a chance to this relation for Kaira’s sake. Varun says fine. Everyone sit for breakfast and have a talk about Preeti unable to take off. Sheela says why can’t she, its Vikram’s office. Avantika says Preeti did not know its Vikram’s office when she got the job. Sheela says why did Vikram hide when giving the job.

Anuj says maybe Vikram thought she will feel bad knowing it, he wanted to help Preeti. Nani asks Shanky to bring breakfast for her. Pankhudi says no, you have to come here and dine as its Nanu’s rule. Nani says I won’t follow rules. She leaves. Avantika gets angry and says this is too much. She says she can’t behave immature. Adi says relax. Avantika says not anymore and goes to talk to Nani. Sheela says let her go, Nani can’t tell us anything again and again.

Avantika talks to Nani and says if you have so much problem from us, why did you come here, no one forced you. Pankhudi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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