Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with HarTika completing the Haavan, and Harish goes away.

While in car Harish explains why he needed to bring Dr. Shivani with him so that he can bid adieu to the family otherwise he says this is yet another effort of PaYa to make him and Avantika united.

Earlier to that, Avantika had asked divorce from Harish now that he has moved on, and Harish gave his consent that the mutual divorce will be done shortly
Adi is upset on listening the divorce issue and when Pankuri come, he says her not to take any sides.

Pankuri says she just came here to inform him that she is going to Harish’s shooting set for working there.

Harish came to the set and is surprised on seeing Pankuri. Production manager informs him that Pankuri has joined

hereas an art director, and Harish is surprised, and was about to talk with him when the production manager hurries him for shoot.

Harish in hurry left his mobile in Pankuri’s desk, it was ringing, so Pankuri accepted the call, and got stunned when Shivani was informing about a doctor’s visit, and starts asking her details.

Shivani was taken off guard on listening Pankuri’s voice.

Pankuri calls Adi and they together goes to the doctor’s clinic

PaYa gets to know the truth of Harish’s illness.

Shivani informs them that—–>Harish apparently has a brain tumor and he has already lost hopes for any recovery, or for the matter that he will live anymore, so he didn’t want to hurt PaYa relation which is just in blooming stage, so never informed them of his illness, and he himself wants that Avantika moves on in her life, as after so many years he doesn’t want that Avantika’s life get rattled after knowing his illness

PaYa asks if there is any cure, Dr. Shivani says cure is possible but no guarantee is there, but it is quite important that Harish stays in a positive frame of mind, and says mentally Harish should be strong and only PaYa can ensure that
Dr. Shivani asks PaYa not to disclose this information to anyone and not even to Harish
PaYa in totally devastated state.

Precap–> Harish calls Pankuri, Adi receives Harish’s call, and Harish (thinking Pankuri has picked up phone) asks where is Pankuri and why she left without informing him, meanwhile the production manager congratulates Harish as the show got a year’s extension, and Harish feebly congratulates and asks him to congratulate everyone on his behalf. Adi listens to that over phone and is in tears

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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