Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi asking what do he mean? Lawyer Bhatia says that everything had happened according to your plan. And says that you divorced Pankhudi because you wants Pankhudi’s property. Adi says what are you talking about? Adi says he was searching him as he has the original will. Adi is about to beat him. Avantika asks Adi to leave him and says he is with chachaji. Avantika tells the lawyer that you broke Nanu’s trust. Govardhan mama asks Adi that he can’t understand the happenings. Adi says you can’t believe this man. Mamaji says he can’t trust anyone. Chachaji says everyone is clever enough to put blame on others. She says that Avantika just now said that this lawyer is trusted by bhaisaheb. Avantika asks her to shut her mouth and says I will slap you.

Chachiji asks her not to threaten her. She tells Govardhan mama that Avantika is at fault. she starts showing pity on Pankhudi. She says I can feel how you are feeling for getting betrayed by your husband. Adi says no one will believe you. Govardhan mama thinks that Lawyer is saying the truth. Pankhudi speaks now and says Adi can’t do anything. Adi asks Dadaji to speak up. Mama asks Adi to talk to him.

Dadaji asks them to stop and cries. He says why you are targetting my grand daughter. She wants to fulfill her nana’s dreams. She is not selfish and you people are after her. Adi asks Dadaji to believe him. Dadaji says that it is not about trust but it is about my daughter. She is very innocent, she will be scared. And declares that Pankhudi will go back to Kulu with him. Everyone are shocked.

At the hospital, Rubel opens his eyes. Sheela enters and gets happy. Adi tells Dadaji that Pankhudi will not go anywhere. Dadaji asks, from what relation he is stopping Pankhudi. Avantika asks Dadaji not to take any decision in a hurry. Dadaji says that they are not happy. Adi says he did everything to protect Pankhudi and nothing had changed. Their relation is same as before. Dadaji says that everything is changed for Society. He says can you protect her from Society taunts. He says this is right thing to do and Pankhudi will go to Kulu. Dadaji asks Pankhudi to come. Pankhudi says she won’t go to Kulu. She says her happiness lies with Adi. Adi tells Dadaji that he will clear his misunderstandings. Dadaji says he don’t want to talk further and says Pankhudi will come with me.Pankhudi says how can I go leaving behind Nanu’s dreams. Dadaji says it is for your betterment and is taking Pankhudi with him. Adi urges Chote nanu to speak up and says you are my nanu’s younger brother, do something. Revathi asks him to stop Pankhudi from leaving.

Chachiji takes Chachaji inside citing his blood pressure problem. Sheela says she will call the doctor and asks the nurse to call the doctor. Chachaji says what are you doing? Our mission was to acquire the property. He says why you are blaming Pankhudi. She is bhai saheb daughter in law. He says he will not let Pankhudi go and will say the truth. Chachiji says Anuj will put them behind bars if they speak the truth. Chachaji says you can’t stop me today. Chachiji says it is not about you, it is about me, our kids. Chachaji says we can’t secure our children’s future by getting their curse. Govardhan mama says Pankhudi will go from here. Avantika asks him, why he is instigating dadaji. Pankhudi asks Ambika to stop Dadaji.

Chachiji pushes Chachaji and closes the door from outside. She threatens him that she will send him to mental asylum. Avantika tells Dadaji that no one will harm Pankhudi. Dadaji says you can’t stop Pankhudi. Adi asks why you are doing this? Dadaji says he is doing this after a lot of thinking. Dadaji tells Chachiji that he can’t let Pankhudi lose her self esteem after whatever she has said. He says your words for your daughter is not motherly words. Chachaji realises whatever Chachiji did to him and recalls Adi’s words to speak up.

He recalls Chachiji’s threats. He comes to Nana and Nani’s photos and cries. Sheela calls Kaira and informs her that Rubel came out of Coma and asks her to come with Harish. Rubel calls her mom. Doctor says he is completely out of danger. Rubel asks about Pankhudi. Sheela says she is fine. I will tell you everything.

Pankhudi asks Dadaji to let her stay. Preeti comes and tells Dadaji not to take Pankhudi. She asks him not to punish her. She says they have accepted Pankhudi from their heart. Dadaji asks her to let them go. Adi says let her go. If Dadaji thinks that Pankhudi’s problems will go away then let her go. He says Dadaji has the right on Pankhudi and he will never think wrong about her. If he thinks that his decision is right then he is right. Pankhudi and Adi cries while the PKDH song plays in the BG.

Adi comes to Chachaji’s room. Chachaji comes to him and apologizes saying that he did a big mistake.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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