Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anisha changing the topic after seeing Pankhudi. She disconnects the call. Pankhudi says, I brought dress for you. Anisha asks her to leave. Pankhudi asks her to get ready for the evening function and says we will be happy. Anisha looks at the dress and nods. She then looks at Nanu’s gramophone and plays the song. She starts singing. Pankhudi comes and asks her to continue singing. Anisha sings the song with the gramophone. Payal asks Pankhudi, why you are giving so much importance to Naniji. She is behaving immaturely. Pankhudi says, she will agree soon.

Sheela asks Payal, how am I looking? Payal says wonderful ammijaan. Pankhudi says, Anisha Nani will come soon. Payal asks, where is everyone? Pankhudi says, they are late. Rubel and Adi comes there

with Anuj. Adi goes after Pankhudi. Pankhudi gets angry on him. Adi apologizes. Avantika says, all men are same. Harish says, your mom is fighting with me. Adi says, baraat will come in a while. Sheela says, Anisha haven’t come, so don’t spoil your mood. Pankhudi tells Avantika that they should give time to Anisha. She will accept them with time. Rubel plans to do something against the ladies. He says, they have attention seeking syndrome. We will show them that we are not less than them.

Avantika comes and scolds Harish. Harish leaves. Shanky laughs. Adi and Rubel say, we won’t go after our wives. Anuj pulls their legs. Nirmala and Sadanand come with Preeti. Avantika asks her to stay. Preeti asks about Anisha. Avantika says, don’t know she will attend the function or not.

Pankhudi gets angry at Adi for attending the guests. She says, I want to talk about Naniji. Pankhudi says, she didn’t come till now. Shall I talk to her. Adi says, don’t know what to do?

Anisha comes. Everyone greet her. Anisha looks at her family. Sameer comes. Rubel tells Adi that you couldn’t fulfill the challenge. Adi says, will do it. Pankhudi and Payal compliments Kaira. Pankhudi tells Payal about Rubel telling about some challenge. Payal asks, which challenge. Vikram comes and compliments Deewan’s for the decoration. Anisha asks about Varun. Amrita says, he will reach soon. They are invited inside. Anisha thinks why Varun didn’t come and hopes for the best. Vikram tells Avantika that arrangements are good. She says it is a family function. Vikram says, we are one.

Amrita compliments Kaira’s beauty. Payal asks Kaira to pretend to be upset with Varun. Kaira says yes. Sheela asks Amrita not to feel bad. Amrita says, it happens in marriage functions. She goes to talk to Vikram. Vikram holds Preeti and jokingly asks Sameer to start missing his wife. Nirmala looks on shocked.

Vikram introduces himself to Anisha. Anisha asks about Varun. Vikram says, you seems to be concerned for him. Payal says, Varun have to wait. Varun comes there. Vikram gets a call again. Payal asks Varun to accept the defeat. Adi takes Varun’s side and asks the girls not to trouble them. Harish asks them to think something. Vikram tells on call, that he was busy and promises to pay the first installment of 200 crores before midnight.

Shanky sings the song Lo Ji Hum Aagaye……on behalf of all the men.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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