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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha telling Adi to shave off his beard fully. She says she was shaving full but he covered his face. She takes the pic and he hides his face. Shanky tells Ayesha that she did very good thing. Ayesha says the credit goes to Pankhudi. Shanky comes to Avantika and says Ayesha is a nice girl. Avantika is irritated and talks to Anuj. He asks her to take care of herself, as her medicines and diet has to follow up. Ayesha talks to Nafisa and says everything is fine here, Adi is annoyed, as I shaved half his beard, he was looking a monkey. Adi comes and she smiles seeing him. He says stop smiling, I was looking a monkey in mirror.

She says Pankhudi finds you handsome like this. He says I will not forgive you for this, how will I go office. Whats your plan today. She says

no, if anyone needs help, I will. He asks her to focus on her career. She says she has to wait for next session for London scholarship till next year. He says I know you work well, Arif got appreciated because of you, so take right steps. She asks what to do. He says why don’t you open your own store. I think it’s a great idea, you design clothes and sell under your label. She says it’s a big decision and I don’t have experience. He says you are opening it, that’s decided. She says if anyone has problem here. He says that’s my headache.

Sheela tells Payal that she was guarding the locker all night, and tonight your turn. Payal says I can’t compromise with my sleep. Payal says why did Avantika stop her. Sheela says I m angry on Nani, you see now what I do. Anuj tell Avantika that we have to get Nani back. Avantika says she won’t listen to us, after what all Sheela told her. Anuj says we know Sheela, so I think we have to go to apologize. Harish comes and asks is everything alright. Avantika says ask it hows Ayesha. She leaves.

Anuj says have breakfast. Rubel greets Avantika. She says he has managed the Diwaan empire very well alone,much better than Adi, but you also have a personal life and responsibilities towards Payal. Everyone makes mistakes, rectify it soon, else it takes 25 years, put work pressure on Adi so that you can spend time with Payal. Harish tells Anuj that his shooting got cancelled. Sheela reacts seeing Adi and asks whats this. She smiles. Anuj says this is a miracle. Avantika comes and says look at you Adi, you look good, clean shave suddenly.

Adi says someone shaved half my bear at night, and I did not have any other option. Sheela says liar. Adi says yes, in dream. Rubel says so it was a dream. Avantika says its good you shaved. Adi says I want to open a business venture for Ayesha. Everyone is shocked. Rubel says you have to many stores to sell much stock. Sheela says why do you want to open the store. Adi says its for Ayesha, which will fulfil her dreams. Sheela says its costly dream. She says it will take much money. Adi says we can afford it. Sheela says why to spend on a stranger.

Adi says she is our family member and has equal rights as you and Payal. Sheela says we did not accept her as bahu, and tell me did you give her wife’s rights. Avantika says we are not fools here, maybe Ayesha forced you for this, but you are sensible, do you know her talent, capability, experience. Adi says it was my idea and I m forcing her. He says I know she is very capable, she deserves this. Anuj says we all know Ayesha did internship at Arif, but…. Adi says but she has to make a start. Ayesha says I think they are right. Adi says let me handle this. Harish says Ayesha don’t worry, tell him you want to do it, and prove lot of people wrong.

Avantika and Adi argue. Adi says we should give a chance to Ayesha,m why are we unfair. Payal says fine, so I m also qualified enough to start my own business. She says I will also start my own fashion label. Rubel says what kiddish. She says I know my demand is sudden, but I always wanted to do something. Sheela says she told me and supports Payal. Payal taunts Ayesha. Anuj says we don’t have any issue, but we need to be practical, we have made much investments. Rubel says we have to take our board of directors opinion. Sheela says start Payal’s first, Ayesha will wait.

Avantika says we don’t know anything about both of them, and can’t risk our family name. Sheela says lets keep a competition between them, lets keep a small fashion show at home, and calls relatives and know who is talented. Adi says I have seen Ayesha’s work, its definitely award winning. Sheela says lets see. They say Ayesha and Payal are ready. Sheela says Anuj will give Rs 10 lakhs to both of them, and they will make 6 costumes and model will wear it. Anuj says they have to use that money for all expenses. Rubel says it has to be a fair game. Harish says the time frame will be till tomorrow evening. Sheela makes Payal and Ayesha hand shake. They shake hands.

Sheela tells Payal that she will steal the show stopper dress and steals it from Ayesha’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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