Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts where PaYa walking in the road the saw a ‘Pain-Puri’ stall, they remember their first Pani-Puri competition
Then they eat Pani-Puri ( feeding eachother ) ..
In BG Music
( Pehle Sai hi ye zindagi hai , kuch bhi to na badla hai,
par tumhare aajane se, kya naya as lagta hai )

Someone behind Sheela Mami for the payment, Sheela don’t have any money she thinks to call Anuj …

PaYa … are going to Mandir, Pankhuri is feeling guilty for lying to the families, Adi says even God want us to complete our responsibility for our family, and our responsibly is to know the whole truth..
Meanwhile Pankhuri’s parents are praying in the same temple Pankhuri spots them and get excited to meet but then her feet stays back, the she and Adi hide behind a tree ..

Pankhuri’s parents prayed for their Daughter and Son-in-law ‘s better life … Pankhuri gets bit sad …

Pankhuri’s parents leave from there, Pankhuri goes and touch the place they walked on ( taking blessings ) after sometime Adi do that too .. And a simple eye-lock between them …

Then they both go to do the prayer , Pankhuri wears the Pallu and Adi stare ate her… They do everything require in the prayer together, bonding ropes, going around the tree where Pankhuri slip a bit but Adi holds her, ringing the bell ( hands together )

Sheela reaches Paradise hotel ( where Kailaash staying ) she asks the receptionist about him .. She said he is right there … Just before she asks him anything PaYa reaches there …

PaYa ask the receptionist where is Kailaash she pointed the same man again .. For which Adi become Angry and Pankhuri a bit confused ( weather he is her uncle or not ) ..
Adi goes closer to that man and asks him if he is Kailaash Gupta, the man says yes, then Adi become various and hold him from his coller shouting ‘why you have ruined my Masi’s life in Mumbai? Why you married another women??”

( Meanwhile Sheela is hearing everything and says she has got what she want to know , and goes from there)

People comes around and distance them … That man angrily says who the hell are you ? Who is Preeti ?? I have never been in Mumbai my business is in Chandigarh and my hometown is here ( Kullu ) ..

Pankhuri asks weather if your father’s name is ‘Jagdish Prasad Gupta’ ?? He says no …
Pankhuri says sorry he thought you are another man and Adi too says sorry … They go from there …

Adi asks Pankhuri now where we can find Kailaash ?? Pankhuri says we should ask Pushkar uncle to know his wife family place …

They reached the place , Pankhuri rang the bell .. An old lady open the door .. Pankhuri says I am from ‘Jagdish Prasad Gupta’ family, vedika ( Kailaash’s wife ) is my aunt!!
That old lady start arguing :// it has been so many years for Kailaash leaving from Kullu and no one come to ask about them and now suddenly you come …
Pankhuri says no one in our home knows where are them …
That old lady says they are somewhere in Chandigarh, Adi asks where ? She says I don’t know and she start again blah blah blah ( unnecessary )
Pankhuri pleased her to say anything, any address any area … Then she said I donno exactly but somewhere named ,shastri nagar’ .. Pankhuri thank her and she close the door!!

Now Pankhuri says we should go to Chandigarh now …

Sheela are packing her luggage to go back to Mumbai and ( explode some bomb ) :/ :/

In Mumbai ..
Harish is quite depressed thinking about the divorce of him, he calls Avantika and before speaking anything Avantika insults him and cut the phone …

Morning now ..

PaYa in Chandigarh, Nanu calls them to ask how is thier trip ?? Adi says we are totally fine and ‘enjoying’ the trip, Pankhuri is also good,
Nanu wants to talk to Pankhuri meanwhile they hear some arguments behind them .. ( a man is scolding a kid, meanwhile one of the ppl call that man ‘Kailaash’ ) Adi get confused and say we won’t repeat that mistake again … .. He tells Pankhuri let’s book a room in this hotel then go Shastri Nagar to find ‘Kailaash Gupta’ ..

In the hotel … That same man is sitting there in the receptionist place ( he is not the receptionist but sitting there becom the other one had and urgent call ) .. Adi sees him and get confused, the other man come and Ask Pankhuri her name she says ‘Pankhuri GUPTA’ from Kullu…
Hearing this that man asks Pankhuri her DadaJi’s name .. She said his name is ‘Jagdish Prasad Gupta’

That Man become happy and tells Pankhuri tha he is her youngest uncle Kailaash Gupta, Adi gets angry and step forward but Pankhuri holds his hand!!!
Kailaash says you were too young last time, and calls his driver, he says she is my niece, then he says to come to my home and finally he asks who is that man ( Adi )

Pankhuri tells him he is my husband, he become happy and went to hug him but Adi refused to just a hand-shake,, Kailaash tells them to come to my car , Adi gets angry and say ‘in his mind’ ( I won’t be fool with your happy face, I know your true color )

PaYa reaches Kailaash’s home, his wife open the door, Kailaash introduce Pankhuri to her, Pankhuri touched her feet ( smiling ) were Adi is damn angry, then Kailaash introduce Adi to his wife…
Adi in his mind ( I have many questions from him, wonder if I ll get the answer )

Adi asks Kailaash weather he knows ‘Preeti Diwan’ ?? Kailaash denied it !!

Update Credit to: f.s.m

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