Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela going on the strike to agree Avantika. Pankhudi tells Avantika that Kaira needs a chocolate from your hands before her engagement. Avantika agrees to come for Kaira. Pankhudi thanks her. Sheela gets up and seems happy. Avantika looks at the file, Vikram’s name is written on it. Vikram comes to Varun’s room and says it is not easy to elope from this home. Don’t try to get the air ticket. I can freeze your cards and all. He threatens him and says tomorrow is your engagement with Kaira. Sheela tells Payal and Kaira that she made Avantika agree. Kaira says, I am so happy. I love you mom. She asks Payal to help her. Sheela asks Pankhudi, did you feel bad that I took your appraisal. Pankhudi says no. we are not different. Avantika calls Mr. Roshan

and asks him to enquire about Vikram Dhanrajgir before 2 pm and says 6 pm is the limit. Harish comes and says, shall we give jewellery to Kaira on her engagement day? Avantika is tensed. Harish says, I don’t know why I disturbs you.

Anuj is tensed. Sheela says, daughters have to go one day. Anuj gets emotional. Kaira comes and says I will go as Mom wished. She pretends to fight with Sheela. Sheela tells Kaira that Anuj will look southern superstar with his moustache as the theme for the engagement is south. Preeti thinks to give jewellery to Kaira. Nirmala says, we can’t afford it. Preeti says, I know. I was thinking to give her gift from my own jewellery.

Anuj calls Adi, Pankhudi, Rubel…..They say everything is ready. Kaira wakes up. Anuj asks her to rest. Adi asks them to relax. He says, engagement will be very grand. Harish says, I don’t know whether I am at my shoot or home. Avantika says, I saw your show yesterday and your onscreen wife is just horrible. Harish leaves for the shoot. Avantika hopes to get the information about Dhanrajgir.

Vikram looks at the ring and praises her choice. Amrita tells him that Pankhudi confirmed that Avantika is coming to the function. Adi gets hiccups. Pankhudi tells him that a drama happened in the hall. adi hiccups stops. Adi praises him. They hug each other. Pankhudi asks him to get ready.

Avantika calls Roshan. He says, I didn’t get any information till now. Pankhudi calls her and asks her to reach soon. Rubel asks, why we have organised the car parking on the backyard. Adi says it will be good. Dadaji comes. Adi tells him that Pankhudi is not taking care of herself. Govardhan mama comes and asks Adi to tell if he needs any help. Adi asks Preeti about her business. Preeti says, it is not good. Adi says, I got my Maasi back, energetic. Sameer asks about Sheela. Adi says, she is on cloud nine. Sheela says, I want to see the jewellery bringing by Kaira’s inlaws. Vikram comes and says Dhanrajgir will not disappoint you. He recognises Pankhudi’s dadaji. He says, I am perfectionalist. Adi says, it can be a problematic sometimes.

Vikram gets gifts for everyone. Anuj says, we can’t take it. Vikram asks Varun to touch Dadaji’s feet. He asks for Avantika. Avantika comes and says I think you must be waiting for me. Adi introduces her to Vikram. Vikram says, I heard much about you and I respect you. Adi asks Avantika, you are looking stressed. Avantika says, I am fine. Pankhudi thanks her. Avantika goes to see Kaira. Avantika stops herself from going inside. Shanky, Sameer and Preeti meet her. Preeti tells her that they are opening a handikraft store. She says, finance is sorted. Sheela asks Shanky to get the thali as the Goddess have arrived. Avantika asks her not to be melodramatic else she will leave. Sheela asks, will you leave without meeting Kaira. Avantika stops.

Varun tells everyone that he forgot the ring in the car. Everyone looks on. Vikram is annoyed..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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