Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th May 2013 Written Update

~~~~PART A……

Adi says sorry to pankhu for hurting her by cutting again n again n she cuts him n asks the auto driver to drive fast n adi is on road she thinks how adi supported her when all were against her n she stops the auto n addi calls her n with big balloons written sorry he tells sorry pankhu n says I wont cm down u cm n listen to me all people on road are watching them n tell pankhu to go towards adi n she is blushing

D mansion……… All r against manan n kaira s marriage but latika n rubel try to convince her n mami also regects it but latika tells only manan can cure kaira

Paya seen………adi says im adicted to u pankhu n says I made a mistake but u should have told me that im wrong n ur correct ……pankhu ur correct always n I should have supported

u in ur decision
Adi kneel downs n says sorry pankhu n he says I will try to become a good hubby….a cute moment n he says I wont getup until u say that u forgave me….n she says I cant be upset with u for long time…..adi says I will jump frm dis bus n pankhu says no ….n paya hug each other n all the people there start clapping…..
DM……manan says I love u kiara n says I couldnt tell u dis n im not marrying u for any favour I really love u …..kaira is a bit sad

Harish home……adi tells its very hot…pankhu ons the ac n tells adi chm n sit here n says we both r bonded by love n it cant break…..adi asks wat happend in d mansion

Kaira says ill marry manan all r speechless n rubrl n latika are happy n sheela is unhappy

Pankhu tells adi everything n adi says some1 in dmansion is involved in this…..(romeo is smart naa)

~~~~~~~PART B……..
Adi tells pankhu to scrutiny every each incident happend n she tells mango box n says sheela gave mangoes to latika to pack them n adi says may be she is involved

Sheela gets a call frm her frnd n she tells sheela abt kaira news n sheela cuts the call in shame n all leave
Pankhu tells abt mobile covern shows it to adi sees the mobile pouch given by pankhu n sees it n a key chain with alphabet ‘L’ is shown n
Adi says may be latika is involved with manan
Paya are super angry wid latika n says we,should be carefull n says we should cleverly expose her ( jaldi Latika ko xpose karo us kali chudail ko dekh kar mujhe chakkar aati hai)

~~~~~~PART C……….
adi gets avantus calls n he lifts it n she says have u talked to pankhu n he hands over phone to pankhu she says mom u cm here ill tell u everything abt kaira …..n she says as long as adi is wid me I dont need to fear to any problem ( hai hai pankhu meri shonna <3 <3 ) Latika n rubel….rubel tells latika that kaira should be send away asap n she says leave on me ill take care of it ( wat a cheap brother is he <:( ) N he tells all is my property n I wont anything to kaira n epi ends on his idiot face Precap…………:….paya tell latika not to create more problems n stop this n adi tells do as pankhu tells otherwise u ll be out soon……latika is scared

Update Credit to: paya fan

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