Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaira printing her hands impressions on the cloth. Anisha gets emotional. Pankhudi tells Shanky that old people behaves like a child. Shanky says, look at me. Pankhudi says, I will make sure that you won’t go from here after 4 days. Kaira tells Adi that she will leave in 4 days. Adi and Rubel say, if Varun trouble Kaira than he have to face them. Harish says, everything good will happen. Rubel says, I won’t spare them if they trouble my sister. Adi says, let Kaira go and change her clothes.

Avantika says, I am very happy that you didn’t change your decision because of my decision. Vikram says, I will take revenge from you all. Avantika is shocked. Vikram says, you have to take care of us. He says, Kaira will be happy with us. Sheela thanks him.

Preeti says, Vikram is a nice man. We have judge him wrongly. Avantika says, I just hope. She calls Pankhudi. Pankhudi tells Amrita that they were scared. I just hope that Varun is happy with the marriage. Amrita says yes. She promises to take care of Kaira.

Anisha thinks, still Varun is double minded. She needs to figure it out. Sheela asks Preeti to involve Avantika in the functions. Preeti says, let’s go to Maasi. Anisha asks Varun about is dilemma. Varun says, I will make you understand. Pankhudi comes and asks Anisha, what is it? Anisha says nothing. Avantika and Preeti come to meet Anisha. Anisha says, I am not your maasi. Don’t try to be connected with me. I came to live here for 4 days. Avantika asks Pankhudi, will she manage Anisha Maasi. Pankhudi determines to win over Anisha.

Adi thanks Vikram. Vikram says, I am sorry for my doings. Adi says, Kaira is liking Varun in a short span of time. Vikram says, I will take care of half of the expense. Adi says okay. Anuj asks Avantika not to feel guilty as her decision was right. avantika thanks him. Preeti tells Harish that she will come to their house as sameer went out for work. Anisha comes to Nanu’s room and asks do you have any other room. Pankhudi says, it is your sister’s room. Anisha asks him not to try to become her relative. Pankhudi asks her to get ready for Qawwali in the night.

Adi asks Pankhudi about Anisha. Pankhudi says, she will be settled soon. She was away from her family for so long. Adi says, she might be hurt. Pankhudi says, we have to act like elders to wipe her hatred. Adi says, you act like elderly woman. Pankhudi pulls his leg. Adi laughs.

Amrita thanks Vikram for not breaking the alliance. Vikram says, case was the basis for this alliance but what we will get by breaking the relation. Kaira is a nice girl. Varun thinks what to do? Harish tells Avantika that Vikram didn’t break the alliance and also said sorry. He says, he is damn genuine guy. Avantika says, I am worried about Kaira. Preeti asks them not to fight and says Varun is a nice guy.

Sheela comes to Anisha and asks her do you need anything? Anisha says no. Sheela says, it is good that you came back to India. Anisha says, I don’t need sympathy and asks her to get out. Sheela leaves. Sheela tells Pankhudi that she was a mad woman. Anisha comes out. Pankhudi asks her, do you need anything? Anisha says, I don’t want you to do the acting. she tells Shanky that it looks good to see him there. Shanky says, saheb remembered you until his last breath.

Varun calls Anisha and says I want to talk to you. She asks, what’s your problem. Pankhudi comes to her room.


Vikram praises the decorations. Anisha asks, where is Varun. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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