Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the romantic outing of Adi – Pankhudi and Varun – Kaira in the bus. Adi gets naughty. One lady sees Adi misbehaving with Pankhudi and gets angry at him. Adi asks, what did I do? He asks Pankhudi to say anything. They say we will call Police. Pankhudi says, he is my husband. Vikram speaks with Mr. Joshi and says we shall win. He gets angry at Amrita for not doing puja properly. He asks her to do the mannat and says I want to make relation with Deewan. Amrita says, I want to tell you something. Vikram asks her to talk with the lord. Adi, Varun and Kaira get down the bus. Pankhudi is still on the bus. Adi makes her get down. They have their regular argument. Sameer and Preeti are talking on phone. Sameer tells Preeti that loan will be sanctioned soon.

He asks her to come for watching the movie. Preeti says, no. Sameer says, lets go.

Sameer gets call from the bank whom Avantika approached to help Preeti indirecly. Bank official tells Sameer that they give loan in 5 mins. Adi and Pankhudi are talking. Pankhudi says, Adi asked for my age proof when he came to see me for the first time. Varun is smiling. Pankhudi says, Varun replies with a smile. Adi says, he needs to support my sister. He says, when we are young everyone supports her life partner but can you support my sister in oldness, sadness, sickness etc. This question is for both and you have to reply from the heart. If the reply is same then your picture is super hit. He asks Varun, what you have thought? Varun says yes. Adi says, it is upto Kaira now. Kaira says yes and hugs Adi.

Govardhan mama tells Dadaji that the alliance seems good. Dadaji says, one needs to enquire about the family making coming to any conclusion. Dadaji says, it is destiny. Adi asks Sheela to eat sweets. Adi says, their alliance is the best. Varun tells Vikram that he is not ready for marriage yet. Vikram asks him to take 12 hours for making up his mind. Vikram says, I understand you are getting nervous. Varun says, I am not ready for marriage. You can’t force me. Vikram raises his hand on him. He tells that Kaira is genuinely a nice girl.

Rubel and Payal pull Kaira’s leg. Sheela says, I talked to Panditji and he said that tomorrow is auspicious for engagement. Anuj says, what is need to hurry? Sheela says, I had two children when I was of Latika’s age. Vikram says it is final. Sheela calls Vikram. Vikram thanks her and says I am honoured. Vikram congrats Varun and says tomorrow will be your engagement. I was waiting for this moment since months. My dreams are fulfilled.

Sheela gives responsibilty to Pankhudi and asks Payal to help her. Sheela says, I will go to Avantika’s house and invite her. Avantika is reading the case file of Dhanrajgir. Adi and Pankhudi come to meet them. Sheela and Anuj enter the house. Harish says, it is a pleasant surprise. Sheela sits on the sofa and asks Anuj to sit as well. Avantika excuses herself. Sheela tells Harish that Kaira’s alliance has been fixed. Avantika congrats Anuj. Sheela asks her to congrat her too. Avantika says, I can’t show off. Sheela take it sportingly. Avantika says, I am really happy for Kaira but involved me forcibly.

Harish asks Avantika to ask about the groom’s family. Sheela says, Kaira’s alliance is fixed with Varun Dhanrajgir. Avantika says, I heard the name. Sheela says, tomorrow is her engagement and asks her to come. Avantika signs no. Sheela sits on the floor. Adi says, mami is on strike. Sheela is adamant to hear yes from Avantika.

Avantika talks to Mr. Roshan on phone and says I want all information about Vikram Dhanrajgir before 2 pm and says 6 pm is your limit. Everyone gather for the engagement.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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