Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi calling Pankuri and asks about Harish. Pankuri says Harish is unavailable and is absent from shooting for many days but here production manager doesn’t know the reason.

Pankuri asks whether she will accept the offer of being art director or not, Adi tells her to accept the offer and it will be nice to see her working for now as she would gain a nice experience from it. Pankuri also adds that she will gain valuable info if she stays here.

At the traffic signal Avantika’s cab stops near Harish’s car, but both doesn’t see each other. Harish was busy in talks with the Doctor and Dadi, and Avantika was busy talking with Nana, and their cab sped away.

Nana was asking if he will talk with Harish once but Avantika says she doesn’t

want to influence Harish’s decision and neither she wants to interfere in Harish’s life when he has already moved on.

Pankuri spots Adi sitting in Diwan Mansion and asks why at this odd hour he is here, Adi says Rubel has took control of his office and doing what he is feeling like, says he could have easily let the family business slip past had his parents been united at least but now there is troubles all around him. He says if after all these efforts it is found that his Dad (Harish) has moved on, then he will never forgive his Dad, Pankuri says him not to even think of such thing as she is pretty sure that Harish never thought of anyone except Avantika and says she will find out the reason soon. Meanwhile Sheila butts in and asks PaYa to know about the other woman in Harish’s life. Later when she goes away, Pankuri says she will try to get as much information as possible from the shooting set, and Sheila hears it from a distance and says she wants HarTika union as she wants Avantika to leave the Diwan Mansion as soon as possible.

Nana is furious as Anuj cancelled the deal with the Guptas, and he excitedly asked the reason for it, Anuj says he finalized the deal with another company as the rates of Guptas were quite high and unreasonable. Nana asks him to take decision properly, and not treat Guptas like this, after all they are a relation to Diwan Family now, Rubel comes up and says we shouldn’t talk or see about relations when there is profit-loss at stake. Avantika comes and mockingly applauds Rubel, says he is right but asks Anuj why he cancelled deal as Guptas’s price was quite competitive and they deliver the goods properly in time, so what was his problem, Anuj taunts her, says she always wants to dominate everyone and now when she herself has taken a lot of bad decisions in her own life, she wants Anuj to learn from herself Adi defends his Mom and says Anuj to stop talking bad regarding Gupta family without reason. Anuj says Guptas are neither his friend nor his enemy and so he is talking impartial decision but accuse Adi of getting partial towards Guptas and says he gives them undue favors Now Avantika tries to defend Guptas and she tells Anuj that he has no right to speak ill of Pankuri’s family. Anuj taunts Avantika about the fact that she left Harish when he wasn’t at fault and came here, thus hurting him and now he has moved on in his life, he tries to convey that Avantika’s decision has always proved wrong though Avantika herself thinks that all her decision is right and she thinks it in the best interest of everyone but ultimately her decision goes horribly wrong. Nana now scolds Anuj for telling all this to Avantika.

Anuj dosn’t buckle up and assures his decision is right, Nana gets furious by the minute and demands proper answer from him, Rubel comes to say something, and Sheila slaps him, and asks him to go to his room, she also asks Anuj to go to room and asks forgiveness from Nana on behalf of Rubel and Anuj.

Later PaYa was thinking of what to do, when Dibakar calls Adi and enquires if they had done any mistake for which the deal was cancelled, and Adi says Rubel is handling the department so there may have been some miscommunication and assures that he will look into the matter next day by going to office. Suddenly Sheila enters, and says she wants HarTika union first and seeks PaYa help

Sheila says the deal matter is secondary, Anuj will understand his folly sooner or later and asks PaYa to solve the Harish’s issue first, she suggests PaYa to scold and threaten the other woman in Harish’s life to which Pankuri says she cannot do that as both Harish and Avantika will feel offended then.
Sheila rebukes, saying you cannot leave everything to God naa
Hearing Sheila’s words, Pankuri got an idea of doing haavan in house, and thinks of inviting Harish for the matter, and Adi agrees.

PaYa tells for their sake Avantika will have to participate in Havan, Avantika agrees and then Pankuri says they will also invite Harish for the same, and Avantika is surprised

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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