Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji telling Kapil to asks his goon to start the work, as if Pankhudi is in problem then Adi will come for her rescue. Kapil says but dad refused to do so. Chachiji says you dad is gone to hell. Then says, she will make him understand. Kapil calls his goon and says plan is on. He asks him to kidnap Pankhudi.

Anuj shows some proposal to Rubel and says Adi has accepted this proposal. Rubel says Adi might have like the proposal. Anuj says you are thinking him wrong and says Adi likes the proposal. He says he thinks Dad will get his second grandchild soon. Rubel smiles. Anuj says you are our life, don’t let me down. Meanwhile pankhudi’s car is being followed by the goon. Anuradha thinks to call Adi from the PCO as she came to know about Kapil’s

plan. Rubel calls Adi and he says he is reaching airport soon. Rubel says that his phone is not connecting. Adi says don’t know, may be network problem. Anuradha calls Pankhudi. The driver informs pankhudi that someone is following them. Anuradha is shocked and thinks to call Rubel.

Anuradha calls Rubel and informs him that your bhabhi Pankhudi’s life is in danger. Someone wants to kidnap her. Rubel gets shocked and asks about her. She disconnects the call. Pankhudi asks the driver to drive fast. She gets Rubel’s call and he says he got a call from someone. She said someone is trying to harm her. Rubel says he is coming there, nothing will happen to her. He calls Adi but call doesn’t go through. Rubel leaves the voice message to Adi. Adi hears the voice message and gets shocked. Rubel is searching for pankhudi. Adi calls Pankhudi, but just then pankhudi’s car is stopped by the goons. They kidnapped her and takes her in their car while the driver is beaten by them and left on the road.

Rubel come there and asks the driver about Pankhudi. He replies that she is taken by the goons in white car.

Preeti tells Sameer that they have to meet the japanese delegates as they are important. She starts coughing. Sameer asks her to rest as she is having fever and cold. He says he will go to the site. Preeti holds his hand with hopeful eyes. He smiles and puts in hand on her head. He asks her to get well soon.

The goons takes Pankhudi to some isolated place. Rubel comes there and informs Adi to bring the police near the bridge. Pankhudi asks the goons to leave her. Rubel comes to Pankhudi, and fights with the goons. one goon pushes her and she gets wound on her head. Pankhudi and Rubel are leaving from there, but the goonda hits Rubel on his head. Rubel falls down and gets unconscious, Pankhudi is shocked. Pankhudi rushes to him. Goons tries to take Pankhudi with them. Adi comes there on time and fights with the goondas. Police also reaches there and Adi asks them to call the ambulance fast.

Sameer comes back and says he came to take his file. Preeti says she will look for the file. Sameer thanks her. Preeti says Kailash came here for the adoption. She asks him to trust him. she says I didn’t know that you will react that way. Sameer says that time he was upset but now everything is fine. He asks her to take care.

Kapil calls the goons and he was informed that the work is not done. Kapil shouts at them and asks them to escape from police. He tells chachiji that Rubel got hurt and wounded on his head.

Rubel is taken to the hospital. Pankhudi prays for Rubel and cries. She blames herself. Adi says he will call Anuj mama. kaira thinks Adi didn’t call her. Chachaji comes and asks kaira that Revathi didn’t come till now. Did you talk to Pankhudi. Kaira says she is waiting for Pankhudi’s call. Latika starts badmouthing about Pankhudi. Kaira asks her to mind her own business. Sheela comes and tells Latika that she will send her to her mom’s place if she doesn’t mend her ways. She says she will leave her at her mom’s place after tomorrow’s function. Latika asks which function. Sheela taunts her for not remembering Rubel’s birthday.

She gets Anuj’s call informing her about Rubel is in hospital. She tells kaira and both of them rushes to the hospital. Sheela tells that Rubel got wounded while saving Pankhudi. Chachaji is shocked and looks at kapil and Chachiji. Chachiji wonders how Rubel reached there. Kapil says we shall go to the hospital. Anuradha looks on.

Pankhudi cries and says sorry to Anuj. She blames herself for Rubel’s condition. Anuj is left shell shocked and speechless. Avantika comes and tells Pankhudi asks her to calm down. She goes to Anuj and says nothing will happen to Rubel. Anuj nods. Sheela comes with latika and Kaira and asks for Rubel. Adi stops her and says operation is going on, you can’t go. Sheela breaks down and cries. She gets angry and go to Pankhudi. She shakes her and asks her whether she is satisfied now. Avantika asks her to calm down. Sheela says don’t tell her anything else she will say something which will worsen the talk. Pankhudi cries.

Doctor informs Anuj and others that Rubel’s operation was unsucessful. Adi asks what do you mean. Doctor says sorry and says we have tried best from our part. Everyone are shell shocked…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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