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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi being annoyed and leaving. Pankhudi cries and thinks of Adi’s words. She thinks of their romantic moments. She thinks it was such a happy day and he left me alone, he did not turn back making so many promised, what to do, tell everyone, no, not now. She sees the surprise and smiles. Everyone say congrats to her. Sheela adorns her with a beautiful dupatta. Dhik tana dhik tana…………….plays………….They all give her gifts and blesses her. They all clap. Rubel asks how did you like they surprise. Payal asks where is Adi. Pankhudi says he will come. Sheela says she wants diamond set from Avantika. Anuj says you should give Nek to Pankhudi.

Sheela says yes, I will do my duty but take my right. Diwakar says Ambika is very happy knowing tis. Rubel says

once Harish and Avantika come back, we will celebrate again. Pankhudi says she wants to talk to Dada ji. He asks where did Adi go. She says don’t know, I should have not hidden this. He says is he not ready for child. Sheela hears this and is shocked. Shanky tells Nana ji that he is happy that he will play with the baby. Mama says yes. Diwakar says yes, I will see how you run after the baby. Sheela asks Pankhudi how can Adi go like this. Pankhudi says no, he is not taking call. Sheela says I will ask Anuj to call him. Dada ji says guests should not know this.

Payal makes Pankhudi have sweet and says she should not do any work, and be happy. She asks why is she upset. Dada ji says nothing. Rubel says whats wrong with Adi. Sheela says he is not taking call, shall we call Avantika, she can explain Adi. Anuj says I called her to give good news, but she is in flight, but we should first get Adi, I will call him. Rubel and everyone try calling Adi and they all worry. Anuj says Adi should have come by now, its late. Sheela says Adi told in morning, he is not ready for child. Rubel says I does not mean he leaves the home.

Adi comes back and says who said I m leaving home. Everyone smile. Adi says there should be celebration, I m ok. Pankhudi asks why did you go. Adi says you have hidden it. She says I thought you won’t be happy. He says I was just saying so. She says my family loves me. Sheela asks Adi to guve good gift to Pankhudi. Adi teases Pankhudi saying she will become fat in few months. She runs to beat him. Adi gets a little girl with I m sorry board. She says so cute. Adi hugs Pankhudi and the girl. The girl leaves. Rubel says Adi won’t change ever.

Dada ji says yes, first we are scared of responsibility and then we love it. Rubel asks Adi and Pankhudi to come for celebrations. Ayush says one min, everyone speak so much, I heard new member is coming, so lets welcome. Adi says lets make a new start forgetting everything. They start singing Aaj se pehle aaj se zyada khushi aaj tak nai mili………….. They all bid farewell to the viewers by thanking them for their love and greeting everyone. They all dance together and their happy moments are shown in FB. They all write their names on the red wall.

Nana ji gives a special appearance and talks about relationships in family, love and marriage. He says no one is more dear than family. He says call the people whom you miss and does not make call being busy, or some other reasons, get united again. Relations are special, get habitual to family again, all problems will go on its own, stay united as a family, be happy. He waves bye. The show ends as the screen freezes on Nana ji’s happy face and everyone else in the background, standing united.

Show ended today

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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