Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2013 Written Update

Pankhudi tries to talk to Adi, who heatedly replies that Pankhudi should wait .. Pankhudi interrupts again , Adi has his burst out moment, he claims to be typing his resignation from Dewan Group of companies and that he is fed up of facing Rubal and his taunts again ..Pankhudi tries to make him see reason, points out that He must not resign until he gets another job..Adi cools down seeing the reasonability of it, asks for the laptop back, assures Pankhudi that he will not type his resignation ..Pankhudi is relieved.


Anuj ears are being filled by Shiela while Rubal’s strings are being pulled by Latika ..Both dummies dance on the music played by the shrewd women.. Latika tells Rubal to pay it cool and get the properties before showing his true

colors while Shilea tries to rile Anuj against Avantika and mend the bridge between Father and Son… Rubal play acts the dutiful son when Anuj and Shiela comes to talk and alll appears to be well , Latika gloats as her plan succeeds and Shiela does not even get a hint of it.


Pankhudi , The busy bee is taking care of the nutritional needs of Dewans , She is curious about the Guest house that has been opened .. She enquires the servant and is told a guest has arrived ..

pankhudi hears a Bhajan, gets attracted by it and follows the it to the source and so are the rest of the family members who move towards the music like a honey bee attracted to nectar.. Bhajan is over and all are surprised to see a stranger ..Shiela as usual is the first to unsheath her claws and begins the interrogation.. Rubal not to be outdone and maintaining his status of being a boor starts his own spiel when a sharp and cold voice cuts in, All turn and see Kaira standing there, she introduces the family to Manan and also acquaints them to the fact that Manan was here on her invitation..Manan steps forward identifies each and every member and says that he knows everyone since Kaira had shown him the family album..Manan turns to Latika and Pankhudi and says that he does not know them, A delighted Rubal getting an opportunity to put down Pankhudi grandiosely says that Latika is his wife and Pankhudi is………. Kaira thwarts his gloating and says that Pankhudi is the daughter in law of the house and Adi’s wife, rubbing the salt further , Manan unknowingly reveals that Kaira is forever going on about Adi.


Adi finds a bill concerning Dewan mansion in Pankhudi’s closet, he is puzzled and is thinking over ..He holds the recipt and comes to the dining table , and informs Avantika about the bill..which sends Avantika into a tizzy but Adi remains the oblivious of the tension.


All are at breakfast table, and we are being shown the influence and hold of Manan over Kaira. Shiela tries to probe but is curtailed by Kaira.


Anuj summons Adi and hands over the coal mining project to Adi superseding Rubal, Rubal does not like it but swallows his ire ..Anuj is being overly kind n compassionate and provides cab for conveyance to Adi .. Adi is surprised and wants to know whether this is a pay off but is told nope.. Adi leaves after accepting the project… Anuj addresses the silently simmering Rubal, Rubal continues the good boy act while gnashing his teeth mentally and also deriving satisfaction from the thought that this is a profitless project and has no returns to boast of..


Shiela expresses herself against Manan staying here but Nanu over rides her pointing out Latika stay, wen Shiela tries to state her worries and fears regarding the relationship status of Kaira and Manan, her statements are not accepted and before it can be pursued, nanu gets a call..

Shiela is blabbering to herself and also shares her worries with Pankhudi who has come there, Pankhudi too expresses her reservations about the the amount of influence Manan has over kaira..


Pankhudi discovers that Manan is not a permanent resident and that his work permit is going to end within a month.

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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