Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st March 2014 Written Update

Starts with Adi and Mr Danraj fighting the goons.Mr Danraj is hurt, Adi insists that he go with them to do dressing Mr Danraj thanks him for saving him Adi asks what land was they talking about he says she’s not sure they get in car, Mr Danraj smiling. At the Danraj house Varun telling his sister in law he’s sorry and she has to lie again and what if his brother finds out the truth, and saying he is not ready for marriage. Sister in law says that he will do get them married at any cost, he says he will do once he come back. At the Dewan mansion Shelia telling payel don’t let any strangers give him food and if gets cold in the evening make him wear clothes and in morning he likes tea so take the tea supplies and make it in the room payel says what, Sheila says when she used to

go with her father they used to take al supplies etc and Payel says don’t wrry as its a 5 star hotel. Payel says she will do what says. Adi arrives calls out to Shankey to call doctor, Shelia walks up to them and ask how he got hurt, Adi takes Mr Danraj to sit down and tells Shelia it’s okay and send Pankhri to get water. At Avatika’s Harish saying he can’t believe about the tax raid, and that the only thing precious in this house is you, she says she don’t understand how he can take it lightly and he says it was case of mistaken identity she asks what id and he says what if what and says she told Pankhri to do shopping but let me call and asks her, she rings and find out taht Mr Danraj has been attacked and Adi had to fight them of, she saying its fine but she saysing still have to go. Back at Dewan mansion Shelia ask he’s not doing anything he should be, he says no its not like that and he’s shocked, Adi says its a minor injury and will be okay Shelia saying what if tomorrow Varun gets attacked etc, Pankhri says no it won’t and misunderstanding happen, Adi says Shelia’s is justified but Kaira will be happy and safe, Pankhri says Ms Amria is here she goes and sits with him and asks who attacked you, when Avatika calls out to Adi, Pankri says informed them she asks if he’s okay he says Mr Danraj is a little hurt, Harish asks him about the attack and he says he’s not sure or why and he doesn’t have any enemy and they were talking about some land, not sure which, and if Adi didn’t get there in time hes not sure what would have happened and says to avantika she has a great son. Shelia asks where his bodayguards when incident happened was, he’s says they are for family function. Adi says they should do a compliant he says its not needed and he will tell someone to do the complained he says are you sure he says yes.Ad’s phone rings, shelia says he should as if something happens during wedding he says the people that did the attack will get cauhgtht and says he will have to leave, on his way out he says to Avatika they will get caught whoever attacked she says do you have any doubts he says about the ashram and leaves. She thinks if she tells Adi he will cancel his holiday and if she tells Anuj he will be worried about Kaira and ten calls Pankhri if she been shopping she said no as they were on way when they met Mr Danraj, she says they both will go and that’s her gift. Harish asks Payel what your mother in law giving you, she says nothing, Shelia says what are you saying have you reached Australia no right and i will giving you something in evening he says why not now she sys she’s going for enjoying and now she making me spend and leaves Harish says don’t forget purse. That night at Preeti’s she’s doing exercise Sameer asks what she doing she says she used to do twice a day but after marriage she don’t have a time and now she strict diet plan he says its been a year since marriage he tell she’s not her do before and her not to overdo as they seeing of Adi and Pankhri. Sameer says that the consignment is coming in and she says that things are alot better, back at Dewan’s in Adi’s room Adi playing his drums she says he can play another time she tells him to help her with packing and tells him to go do the packing and storms of to do.

Part 2
Adi comes and says why you making faces she says that she doing the packing now he says that he’s come all the way he will do it and he go gossip with Payel, she says are you sure. At Avatika’s Harish saying its strange how he got attacked she says hes s surprised and says they didn’t want to hurt him and they kept talking about some land and leaving it, Harsih says so they were trying to threat him. Back at Mr Danraj’s he saying of course and that its the hemirage that did the attack and that Avantika thinks she’s intelligent but she’s doesn’t know I’m better and me doing attack on myself she’s changed complete back at Avantika’s saying that the family members need to know especially Shelia as if she finds she will blame me! Harish says how Vikram is nice and they not seen any fault thee family have not found anything to give the marriage second thoughts and don’t forget Kiara has suffered enough heartbreak and she won’t able to take third one, she says what if they find out later, that’s he’s not good man then what. Back at Danraj’s Kiara will be part of the family and the girls always are on the receiving end and he doesn’t know what Avatika thinks of herself in that seat of the chair, she refused the cheque and next time bring papers, and have some from dispatch office and says once its in his favour then will see and what offices i have in the office. Back at Avantika’s Harish saying he’s got a suggestion that the verdict is after a week and tell everyone then she says its not a bad idea and it will be clear in a week, He saying after a week his head will rise high back at Deewan mansion shakey come in room he asks is packing not done and Pankhri says he will be doing it rest of night and says if they can do meet Ms Anisha and to try, Adi says they will try Pankhri go gets the wedding attire and says they going to give that to, he says god bless you.

Part 3
Shanky telling other workers they not going to the village and quickly take the luggage, Shelia says asks if she’s gave her shopping list to them and she has, Adi says it’s a long list Pankhri says make sure you tell Adi he has to get it she says you have to get it and Payel says if anyone needs anything say it now you can over phone but will be better now, Avatika says no one will give list as they going on holiday and must have a good time, Adi says right. Shelia agres with Avatika as they going on holiday, Harish giving a list to Adi on the sly and asks if its an order or request, aNnd he must get it. Shelia gives Payel a hug and says that the supplies on her list bettyer come and not to open her mouth in front of Avntika and says take care of Rubel, Anju sayts to Rubel to get his list and not say anything to Avantika as will be awkward and Adi comes and says usually people catch the flight on at time Adi goes to Avatilka he says he will miss her, they hug. Shelia tells Rubel to take care and his wife, Preeti asks why worried not needed and tells him to eat on time he says he will and she should do and all tell each other to take care and leave. They all wave bye from the entrance and leave. at Mr Danraj’s saying that he will take care of everything in India and he have a nice holiday.

Precap – its showing them in Australia having fun!

Update Credit to: Shantell

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