Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha meeting everyone before leaving for London. Nani and Haarish bless her and ask her not to change. Sheela and Payal come there. Ayesha goes to them. She apologizes to Payal. Payal leaves. Anuj blesses her and asks her to start a new life. Ayesha looks for Adi and meets Sheela. Ayesha asks about Adi. Sheela says he will not meet you, no need. Nani scolds Sheela and asks Ayesha to leave for her flight. Ayesha sees Pankhudi’s pic and says this house and Adi needs you, please come back soon. She meets her family too. Ruksaar hugs her. Nafisa asks her to take care.

Ayesha thinks she wanted to meet Adi for the last time. Adi comes in the balcony and sees her. He waves bye and she smiles. She is on the way and thinks about Adi’s words. She gets Arif’s call and

he asks her to meet him soon if she cares for Adi and wants to know about Pankhudi’s death. Ayesha is shocked. He says I have Pankhudi’s death proof. She says what do you want. He says I also don’t know what I want, I wanted to go and show this to Adi. You know whats good for Adi, so tell me, shall I go to Adi or you are coming to meet me.

He asks her to come for few mins, I thought you have a soft corner for Adi, fine I will leave for Diwaan mansion. She says I m coming. He says I will wait and smiles. Nafisa meets Rubel and says I m going from here today, will everything end between us, we can be friends. Rubel says I m getting late for office. She asks why are you avoiding me, I loved you but did not force you to love me, I just want our friendship. He says this can create problems for us. She holds his hand. He says lets face it, you love me, I know, but forget this and start a new life. She says fine, you are right. I want to say thanks for the time we spent together. She hugs him. Payal comes there and sees them.

Rubel says we will not meet again, I want to wish you all the best. He leaves. Payal cries. Adi talks about Kullu’s trip. Nani and Harish come to him. Adi says I know you will question me again, so don’t waste time. Harish says why is he behaving like this, he should be mature. Adi argues and says he won’t forget Pankhudi. Rustam calls Nani and says he wants to meet her and tell her something. Nani says fine. He says I m busy today, so will meet tomorrow. Rustam says I will check again with Kullu’s officials again.

Ayesha comes to meet Arif. Arif says nice to see you. Ayesha asks what do you want from me. Whats the proof.Arif says I care for you, I love you, I just want you to be here and not go to London. He says I want you to be here and do internship. She says this is not possible. He says I will give all proofs to Adi if you don’t stay back. She says I won’t let this happen, first show me the proof. He shows her the proofs he got at the hospital. Ayesha is shocked seeing it.

He says you can cross check at hospital too. She says I will not marry you. He says when did I ask you to marry me, just spend time with me, maybe you will like me and then marry me. She thinks about Adi. She stops Arif from calling Adi. Payal packs Rubel’s bag and tells Sheela. Sheela says what is this nonsense. Payal cries and says Rubel is behaving sweetly to hide his affair with Nafisa. Sheela is shocked and says are you mad. If you did not do abortion, this would have not happened, see I have forgiven you for all mistakes, but now I will not take this blame on Rubel. Payal says ask Rubel. Nafisa was right, I was wrong to trust Rubel, he broke my trust.

Sheela says no, he can’t do this, the girl would have trapped him. Payal says you can’t blame her, Rubel is equally important. Sheela says she will ask Rubel, if he is right, then Payal will have to leave the house. She calls Rubel and asks him to come home. He says I m busy. She shouts come home. He says fine, I m coming. Arif comes to know his model backed out, the shoot can’t be cancelled. He looks at Ayesha and says I think we got the model here. He asks Ayesha to help him in modeling. She says what, I won’t. He requests. She says fine, if you give me all these proofs. Arif thinks. He says fine, I will give you after the photo shoot. She says I won’t wear short clothes. He says relax, its Indian wear. He says trust me, I will give this later after photo shoot. Arif asks Jackie did he do everything in changing room. He says yes. Arif says poor Ayesha, she did not know whats my plan, now see what I do Ayesha.

Adi asks Ayesha why did she not go. Ayesha says I came back for you, as I love you. Adi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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