Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st July 2013 Written Update

ADI starts to move towards end of the garden and points towards the buildings where happy family resides. He too wanted to see their family happy but is not happy because of him only. Pankhuri explains to him that is not his fault at all as it was destined. Adi states that do not come up with destiny and god, as the truth is that he is responsible for this.
Rubel comes down and states that there would be no difficulty to sign those papers after discussing with everyone . Nanaji says that we will sign the papers and tell that if by anymeans he will harm Adi , he will not spare him. Everyone starts to sign the papers starting from Avantika, Anuj , Preeti and at last it goes to Nanu. He was about to sign when a voice says Nanu and he tops and is none other than Adi. He says to Nanaji

that he loves him so much that he did not share his pain. He asks him what happened. Adi tell him that he knows he was responsible for everthing that happened to Nani. He tell that because of his mistake, he did not only killed his wife but also snatched the happiness of the family. Nanaji consoles him and asks him to sit and relax and dont feel guilty as all the doctors had given up and there was no chance that she could have been saved. (Avantika is repeatedly glancing on Pankhuri and Kaira there standing too feeling guilty)
Adi is not ready to accept that and says he is responsible only . He goes to Avantika and says do you know i missed you a lot sometimes or whenever in problem and so she must have missed her mom. Then he goes to Anuj mama says if Nani would have been alive then there would not have been differences between him and Naniji as he was lovable of nani. Then he goes to Preeti maasi and tells he is responsible for ruining the beautiful relationship of a mother and daughter as she was very close to her. Then he too turns to Kaira and says that nanaji is not resposible but the person which is responsible is standing in front of you. She feels guilt and remorse that it is not his fault but it was her who assumed anything. She consoles him and says despite this he will be her favourite bro. Adi says that he is responsibe and did not remember anything and what she witnessed was just Nanaji trying to control the damage. Adi now turns to Pankhuri and says he is outside on which Avantika says where is he going. Adi answers that he is alright and just came to ask forgiveness and they still feel that he is not the culprit and he just want to be alone. Pankhuri too follows him but Avantika, angry stops her.

PRECAP Avantika tells Pankhuri that she told her to not to tell Adi, then why did she done Now you are seeing the consequences as my son is shattered.

Update Credit to: vivek2010

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