Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram coming with his family. He says I came here to talk to all of you. Sheela says we all know what happened with you today and you are upset. Avantika says I ttold them everything. She says I hope you won’t take the verdict in wrong way. Vikram says will it matter, will the verdict change. He tells Adi that he will keep his personal and professional things apart. Harish supports Avantika and tells why she took the decision. Vikram says you are right, Avantika had a duty and I also have a big duty. He says I have the responsibility of 20000 employees of my company, what about it.

H says its not a small thing about Rs 200 crores, it’s a huge loss for me, I m sorry. You all want me to understand her, I request you to understand my situation. Kaira

says I understand you are very upset, tell us frankly what is your decision. She says I m ready for it. Vikram says Kaira, wipe your tears first. He says I will earn this money in six months and if I break this relation, it will be a bigger loss. Everyone smile. He says Kaira should not bear the punishment, that won’t be fair. He says I will not break this relation.

Avantika looks at him. Vikram says its all my mistake, I made wrong papers and did wrong things. He says I was worried you all will break relation with Varun, but now I m happy. If you all want, you can think and break the relation. He says I know you all might think this case is not the reason for this relation. He asks Anuj to permit him to make Kaira a part of his family. Everyone smile. Vikram requests. He says we will leave now. Adi stops Vikram and says this relation will always stay.

He says there should not be business in relations. He says we will not break the relation. Rubel says everyone takes such decisions in business, for the families of the employees. Anuj says Vikram, forbget all that what happened, come lets start the haldi rasam. Vikram hugs Adi and thanks him. Anuj says I know its against customs, but its for our happiness. Vikram says I can’t say no. Adi says Mama…… Vikram asks is there any problem.

They tell Vikram that they are waiting for Nani. Sheela says she will not come. Pankhudi says I will call her again. Anuj tells Vikram about Nani and we want Nani to apply haldi to Kairi first and bless her. The band plays. Nani comes and looks at the house. Sheela asks Avantika to apply haldi to Kaira. Nani says stop. Everyone are happy to see her. Nani is welcomes heartily. Everyone smile seeing her. Nani looks at Nanu and her sister’s pic. Sheela thanks Nani for coming.

Nani says I m here only for four days, till Kaira’s marriage. Pankhudi asks her to apply haldi to Kaira and she does. Everyone does that after her and smile. Kaira is much happy. Varun looks on. Vikram thinks celebrate happiness today, who knows about tomorrow.

Avantika talks to Vikram. Vikram says I will take the revenge for sure.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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