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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanky talking to Ayesha and telling about Pankhudi, whose journey was not easy but she did not lose. She made the family united. Shanky says I m with you. She says thank you Shanky Kaka and he gets happy. Adi comes and sees Ayesha in kitchen. He asks her not to do any kitchen work. Shanky asks Adi to have food made by Ayesha. Adi misses Pankhudi and leaves. Ayesha looks at him and gets upset. Shanky says who will explain Adi, what will happen.He says look at him, if anyone looks like his beard, they will feel he is not getting a razor in market.

Harish packs his bag and asks Avantika to stay here. She asks why sudden. He says my shoot will be day and night and it will be disturbing here. Adi comes and sees Harish packing. Avantika asks Adi is there any issue between

him and Harish. Adi says no. Harish says nothing, it goes on between father and son, its normal. Adi says no, its not normal. He says I don’t want to discuss it and leaves. Harish says actually he is upset with me. He says I did a mistake by planning all that, and he is annoyed with me. He says I know its fault, I apologized, but he is not understanding. She says he went on me, but I know he loves his dad.

Harish says don’t talk to him about this, I will handle it on my own, don’t be too harsh on Ayesha. Sheela tries the passwords and it’s a funny scene. Anuj says I don’t understand, why did dad choose you for me. She says even I think the same, tell me my birthday. He says 1962. She says I was born in 1968. He says why are you after Ayesha. She says even you are unhappy with this marriage. He says I don’t have problem with Ayesha, I don’t know Adi will be happy with this marriage.

She says she looks like Pankhudi and her mind is like Latika. One day, I will kick her out of this house. Shanky shows Adi’s old pics to Ayesha and she asks is this really him. He says he forgot to smile now. She asks her to think that Adi can smile again. Payal sees her pics in the laptop and smiles. Rubel compliments her smiling. He says this day I saw you for the first time, something happened to me, my fuse was blown. She smiles.

She says it was so good days, I wish those days come back. He hugs her and holds her face. He says old days can come back, we have to forget the past and make a new start, so that we can again have happy pics together. Adi looks out in the rain and Ayesha comes to him. Music plays……………. She asks is he finding Pankhudi in the stars. They have a talk of their beliefs. He tells about Pankhudi and how they shared happiness and problems, he has many memories of her.

She holds his hand and he looks at her. She says be here for some time, its looking good. Adi says if I start talking, my talk will not end. He tells her about Pankhudi and her nature, he did not like my beard and wanted me to shave. She says even I don’t like it, Pankhudi used to think like me. He looks at her. She says sorry, I mean…….. He says its ok. She says lets go now, you might be feeling sleepy. He says yes, the day was tiring, good night. Sheela wakes up at night and says Ayesha, don’t touch my locker. Anuj wakes up and says what are you doing. Ayesha might be sleeping in her room. He says close the door. She says I already did.

Ayesha comes too Adi at night while he is sleeping. She brings a razor and thinks Pankhudi, don’t let him wake up when I shave his beard. Adi moves as she tries to shave the beard. He turns and she shaves only half the beard. She can’t shave the other side as Adi covers his face with the blanket. She says why he took the blanket. Mama talks to Bau ji and asks about Adi and Ayesha’s marriage. Bau ji says it was good. Mama is upset as Adi gave Pankhudi’s place tp Ayesha. Bau ji says he has a long life ahead, don’t pressurize me on anything. I m with Adi. Ambika says I feel hurt seeing Ayesha’s face.

Bau ji says whats her mistake in this, if it hurts you, see it from other side, maybe you see a daughter in her. Adi wakes up in morning and sees his face in the mirror. He shouts and touches his face seeing one side of beard shaved. He says Oh God, who did this. Shanky comes and Adi hides his face. Shanky asks what happened. Adi says you go. Shanky says show me. Adi says see. Shanky laughs and says you are looking great. Adi closes the door and asks how did this happen. Shanky says yesterday Ayesha asked me to get a razor. Adi says Ayesha? Ayesha says I hope Adi did not wake up, I will go and shave the remaining beard.

She comes to his room and sees Adi angry on her. She hides. Adi asks how is there. Adi sees her and says you. She asks what happened to your beard. He says how dare you do this.

Adi tells Ayesha that she will open a fashion designer store. She says if anyone have a problem with this/ He says no, I will manage, no discussions now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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