Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi seeking permission from Avantika to go to Sameer’s house. Avantika nods in a yes. Pankhudi leaves with Adi. At Sameer’s house, his employees comes and he feels good. Sameer tells them to be comfortable. Sameer goes inside to bring some files. His colleagues starts gossiping that he got a long holiday as he is getting marry to his boss. Sadanand hears this and gets angry.

Harish tells Anuj that his head is paining as he did a lot of work after so many years. Anuj says he is also tired. Nanu comes there and asks them to get back to work. Harish says they felt somewhat tired so taking a quick rest. Nanu asks them to accompany him on the morning walk at 4:30 am. Nanu says he dont want to hear any excuses from them.

Sameer’s mom Nirmala

finds him in thoughts and asks what he is thinking. Sameer tells his concern that his dad is not happy with his marriage. Nirmala assures him that Preeti will be very happy in this house. Sadanand hears this and asks didn’t he have any other work apart from this. Sadanand feels that Sameer is suspecting that Sadanand will create problems for Preeti. Sadanand says Preeti comes from a good background and she will ruined their house. Sameer says they like each other that’s why her family agreed to their marriage.

Sameer protests that your thinking is wrong. Sadanand says that there is something which Deewan family is hiding. Sameer bursts out that Preeti didn’t hide anything from him. She told him clearly about her past affair and the abortion thereafter. Sadanand and Nirmala are shocked and Sameer too is shocked.

Adi tells pankhudi that Sheela mami is smart. He tells that so much work is pending at home and she came along with him to give the gifts. Pankhudi says she came to give him company and he is fighting. Adi starts the tape recorder and the song plays Maine Pyaar kiya… pyaar kiya hain hooooo…….. Pankhudi smiles.

Sameer is about to leave, but Sadanand stops him. Nirmala says we should have told us. Sameer says it is her past and it will not effect their future. Sadanand says Deewan’s should have told them everything. Sameer says Preeti told him everything. Sameer asks him what he wants? All the family are enjoying. Nanu feels happy that his family is united.

Sadanand informs Sameer that he will not attend his marriage and that’s final. Sameer asks his mom to make Sadanand understand but she says she don’t know what to tell him. Sameer tries to explain that it was Preeti’s past and they have nothing to do with her past. Sadanand says but he can’t defend that Preeti’s family hided such a big truth from them. Sameer sees Adi and Pankhudi at the door step and is shocked. Adi and Pankhudi enters inside and Adi tells that he heard everything and it is justified. He tells him to asks what he wants to know. Sadanand says if everything is in hands then he would have cancel the marriage.

Sadanand insults Adi and Pankhudi, Sameer protests that he can’t insult them. Sadanand says you have sold yourself. Adi tries to clear the things that there is nothing to be hide and says Maasi comes from a big background, they have emotions and they too gets hurts like him. He says if Maasi wanted she would have hide it from Sameer and nobody would came to know even after marriage. Sadanand is in thoughts.

Preeti and Avantika talks about the life after the marriage. Avantika tells about the adjustments at the inlaws place. She tells her not to change and be truthful to you and your family. Preeti promises her.

Pankhudi tells Nirmala that Maasi didn’t hide anything. Nirmala says mistakes do happen with everybody and believes that Sameer will be happy with Preeti. Sameer tells his dad that he will feel bad if he didn’t attend his marriage. He asks him to be with him during his wedding. Pankhudi tries to agree Sadanand. Sadanand agrees. Adi requests him not to raise this issue.

Sheela taunts Latika that she is always busy in shopping but end up having nothing to wear. Latika borrows her clothes. All the men are busy in wearing the pagdi. Adi wonders about the old age people spending so much time in wearing pagdi. All the men gets ready and smiles.
The bride Preeti also gets ready, Pankhudi tells Preeti that Baarat arrived and gets emotional. The episode ends on their emotional hug.

Nirmala tells Sadanand not to tell anything as everyone are happy. Nanu hears and asks him what he wants to say. Adi hears this and is tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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