Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th February 2014 Written Update

Adi gets a gift for Pankudi and she opens it it is empty all three boxes empty and he says one has your love one my love and another our memories and rest are  in my heart. Payal wants Rubel to go shopping with her Rubel tells her to go and buy the most expensive necklace and he has some work at office and hugs her saying Happy Valentine’s Day(HVD).  Pankudi also says since you gave I have to like them and both couples romance. Harish and Avantika are also celebrating VD and Avantika  says why all this and they also celebrate with happy bantering . Pankudi’s parents also talk about Kara’s match and wish her wel l for getting a good match.

Sameer and Preeti with his father and he says you can take loan by mortgaging the house. Preeti  refuses

 saying they will find some other way and Nirmala says yes we will find some alternate and something solution will be found. Nirmala thinks she will talk to Avantika.

Avantika  says I got a phone from Mrs Despande and  why Preeeti is hesitating to ask me. I will help her. Avantika asks about Kaira’s match Harish say phone and ask what happened. Anuj and Sheila are also talking  about Kaira alliance and decide to take advice from Pankudi’s DDG whether they should say yes. DDg advices to know what Kaira wants and rethink about the match and then say yes. Sheila keeps on saying we should not delay. Payal brings newspaper with some news about Varun being  Vikram Dhanrajgir’s  brother  being the most eligible bachelor in town.  Adi says stop rethink.

Avantika has Dhanrajgir’s file and speaking to some person and he has some legal cases and also about their  deal with an ashram Avantika  says  we should deal carefully.

Adi  says let us find the details about them and not get swayed  by  their  aura and media news . Sheila Payal are very keen but Adi ,Pankudi  and Anuj want to be careful before saying yes.

Avi rings up Varun and asks him he wants to meet him and when Ad says  meet me at the bus stop in one hours time and all say why bus stop not a  5 star hotel  but Adi says no. Pankudi also wants to go Adi says get ready. Varun tells his brother Adi wants to meet at the bus stop Vikram asks his brother to  take  a gift with a smile for the girl and take his bhabhi’s help and thinks this match should happen at any cost.

Adi and Pankudi watch with Kaira at bus stop and Kaira asks want to do Adi says romance in the bus if you don’t know asks Pankudi and she also gives him back in kind. Varun comes in his car and he gives a gift to Kaira who takes after hesitating. Adi says I am impressed and they all go in a double decker bus Kaira is left back but its Adi pulls  who her in. Varun says he is sorry but did not realized that she was left  behind as he never travelled in the bus. Adi says you passed half the test.

Rubel thinks I just cant understand Adi and Payal says he always thinks right and Sheila also puts in her word and both payal and Sheila feel this match is very good.  Rubel asks them to keep quiet and Sheila complains to him in a lighter vein

Paya  go up to the open roofed  bus and they feel many people  think they will get tanned so don’t come up . Varun and Kaira also come up. Paya  says martial experience  is being compatibility and keep giving practical tips. Paya romance in the bus and keep observing Kaira and Varun

Goverdhan babu is in his sister’s house and jokes and DDg welcomes him saying your wife is not in town and  asks his son  did you get phone from Sameer  Preeti and they have opened a Handicraft  business which Goverdhan  cant understand  why shutting down a hospital and opening handicraft business .

Precap Adi asks Varun will you able to support my sister in all type of life situations

Update Credit to: Putijachalhov

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