Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadaji coming to the Deewan Mansion and asking Chachiji to stop saying further. He asks, what Manorama ji is talking about the divorce. He asks Adi to tell. Chachiji says your family didn’t inform you about Adi and Pankhudi’s divorce, she feels pity on him. Dadaji looks at Ambika and gets shocked. He asks Adi that his heart can’t accept this and asks Adi to say it is false. He says you and Pankhudi are made for each other then how can you both gets seperated. Adi says you are right and says do you want proof of our relation. Dadaji says no. Adi says he doesn’t need to clarify to others. He tells Dadaji that they had divorced each other.

Anuj tells Avantika that he called her immediately to office as he needs her suggestions about the quotations.

Avantika asks,did you talk to bhabhi. Anuj says yes and says he is hopeful that Rubel get well fine if he reaches there. Avantika says you are not, you are just being a father. Anuj says I don’t get why you are not able to be a mother to Adi. He says you shall explain them about the right and wrong. Avantika says she knows he is concerned about them and that’s why he is saying this.

Anuj says even today you all are important for me. And Adi and Pankhudi are my kids and he feels they aren’t doing good. Anuj offers to drop her home. Avantika says she has car and hopes that he returns with Rubel with a change perspective.

Dadaji asks Govardhan mama, did he know this. He says it is good that I came here. Adi says he will explain. Chachiji says divorce is a big thing for them. And then roaming with the exhusband, inviting him home etc. She tells Dadaji that you made your grand daughter very modern. Ambika asks her to stop and shows faith on Adi and Pankhudi’s doings. Pankhudi asks Dadaji to listen to her. Dadaji asks,will the meaning of divorce change after your clarification. He tells Ambika that you supported them. Adi says they have forced them to take the extreme step. Chachiji says it was your decision. Adi says because you didn’t left any option. Adi asks Dadaji to let him explain and tells everything in flashback.

Dadaji is shocked and shaken. He sits, Adi and Pankhudi comes to him. Adi says he has taken the decision because of Rubel’s safety, Dad and Dadaji’s safety. And his family safety and Pankhudi’s safety. He says you told me to keep her happy and she is my responsibility.If Pankhudi is taking the wrong blame on her then it is my responsibility to save her, then also we couldn’t safeguard Rubel. Pankhudi says this house is Nanu’s dreams and how could we break his trust. Adi says our relation won’t change if we sign on some papers.

Adi says their relation will never change even in future. He says he did wrong by hiding about this and asks Dadaji to be their strength else some people will get a chance to speak. Chachiji says she won’t tolerate if anyone thinks to do bad with her daughter. She asks Pankhudi not to make Revathi like her. She tells Dadaji that because of Pankhudi, Revathi had stoop so low. Revathi pleads innocence and tells Chachaji that they were just rehearsing. Chachaji tells Dadaji that Pankhudi’s values are wrong. She says you know very well what society tells to the bad character girl. Adi asks her to stop. Chachiji asks, what you will do when the whole world will speak against her. Dadaji says he won’t listen to her anymore. Chachiji taunts Dadaji and Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks her to stop badmouthing about her family. She says whether you are acting to get the money for divorce. Adi asks her to stop and tells Chachaji to speak today as it is the last chance. Don’t keep quiet. It is not about Pankhudi but also about Revathi. Adi says if you kept quiet today then I won’t have faith on relations.

Sheela is praying for Rubel’s recovery infront of the Goddess. She promises that she will not think anything bad about anyone and property. She says I just want my son back and cries. Meanwhile Rubel fingers moves a little.

Chachaji stands helpless. Adi says you need strength to speak the truth. Govardhan mama tells Chachiji that he knows how to get the people right. Chachiji asks,what you will do? She says your daughter has taken revenge on us by targetting my daughter. Revathi urges Chachaji to speak. Chachiji tells Adi that Pankhudi and her family are fraudulent. Avantika comes and shouts at her. Chachiji says you also had the same opinion about her family. Avantika says she did judge them wrongly and she agreed this. Govardhan mama asks her whether she is giving them character certificate. Mama taunts Chachiji. Dadaji asks Avantika that you didn’t stop Adi and Pankhudi. Avantika says that the situation was that she couldn’t stop them.

Lawyer Bhatia comes and says everything is same as you planned. Adi asks what? Bhatia says you told that you want Pankhudi’s property on your name and that’s why you divorced her. Everyone are shell shocked. Chachiji smirks and signs to Kapil that it was her plan. Adi is shocked too.

Dadaji says that his daughter is very soft and she couldn’t take the insult and will get scared. He declares his decision that Pankhudi will not stay here and will go to Kulu with him. Adi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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