Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram getting a warning from the builder who asks him to pay his Rs 200 croroes. Avantika comes to talk to him. She says I need to speak to you. She sits in his car and they leave. Kaira gets a call and she rejects it. She says why did Varun call me here so urgently, we were going to meet in the function. Varun thinks if telling Kaira that he is not ready for the marriage, if he can’t keep her happy after marriage, her life will be spoiled. Avantika talks to Vikram and says its my duty to support truth, but I won’t judge you. She says sometimes we have to make tough decisions, I hope Kaira does not need to pay a price for this. She says this should not affect the marriage.

Vikram says I have important work, can you please get down. She says

sure, thanks and gets out of the car. Pankhudi talks to Payal and asks is Kaira ready. Payal says she went to meet Varun. Sheela talks to Pankhudi. Sheela is much excited. Kaira asks Varun why did he call her. She asks why are you here, do you want to break the marriage. He gets tensed. She says I m joking. He says actually……… She says I m feeling hungry, lets order something. Vikram meets the media and he is asked his reaction. Vikram gets angry and beats the reporter. He says look at me, I m very happy. He thinks this decision will be paying a lot. Kaira tells Varun I can’t think I m doing arrange marriage. She gets Pankhudi’s call. She says what was the need to meet him, Sheela is worried.

Kaira says mum always becomes hyper. Pankhudi says we are coming to pick you in 15 mins. Kaira tells this to him and asks whar is it. She holds his hand and he removes her hand. He says see Kaira, marriage is an important part of life and we have to think wisely, I went Australia for this. Vikram comes and sees them talking. Varun sees Vikram and Kaira says I called Varun to meet me here. Vikram says go home, I need to talk to you at home. Vikram leaves. Kaira asks why was Vikram looking so upset, does he know about your Australia trip. He thinks why was Vikram reacting like this, I don’t think I can tell anything to Kaira today.

Avantika comes home. Preeti asks what happened, what did Vikram say. Avantika says he won’t forget this verdict easily. Preeti says we can’t trust him, he is a very shrewd man, we should tell Sheela everything. Harish supports Vikram. Avantika says its about Kaira’s life, he is right. Harish says she has two heart breaks, this time it should not happen. Avantika says if there are complications after marriage, then, its better to clear everything now. Harish says I think you are right. Preeti says I m with you. Adi and Pankhudi comes to meet Kaira and Pankhudi. He says come for the haldi rasam. Pankhudi stops Varun and asks are you ok with this marriage. He says yes. Pankhudi leaves. Varun says it was my last chance, why did I not tell her, why am I so weak.

Pankhudi’s mum Ambika talks to Bau ji and says I hope his anger fades soon. He says Nani will come and bless Kaira in her marriage. Sheela talks to Anuj. Sheela is tensed as Kaira is not at home. Kaira comes home with Adi. Sheela asks her to go and get ready. Adi asks about Nani. Rubel asks them not to be upset. Adi says I m sure she will come. Payal says she is mature enough to decide, lets leave it on her. Sheela asks them to get ready. Govardhan Mama talks to Bau ji. Bau ji says I wish Kaira stays happy always. Sheela asks Anuj to call Avantika and Preeti. Adi says the women are taking lots of time. Pankhud and Payal brings Kaira. Everyone smile seeing her. They wish Nani comes.

Sheela says Kaira is looking very beautiful. She says I wish you rule in your Sasuraal but remember you have to adjust there. She asks her to take everyone along. She says don’t do the mistakes which I did. Kaira says I will try to handle the house well. Payal says we will start haldi now. Pankhudi says I will contact Nani, I m sure she will come. Sheela says don’t request her again and again. Avantika comes with Harish and Preeti. She says before the haldi starts, I need to tell everyone about Vikram. Everyone are shocked.

Avantika says I m sorry for hiding this, I did not wish to mix professions and personal things. Anuj says we should have known this before. She says sorry, I did not know this would go so far, I did not mention this so that it does not affect Kaira. Harish says it all happens in business, it does not know they are wrong. Rubel says maybe Varun is marrying Kaira for the case. Adi says no, we would have felt so. He could have pressured us, but he did not. Harish says Avantika tried to know about Vikram, but we did not get anything against him. Sheela says do did you send me to ashram for this work. Harish says I think we should trust Vikram, he is a nice guy. Sheela says what if they break the relation before we do anything.

Vikram comes with his family and everyone looks at him..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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