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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanky telling Adi and Rubel everything and Ayesha’s plan to unite Sheela and Nani. Adi and Rubel go to talk to Nani, and knock the door, asking her to open the door, as they know Sheela did wrong with her. Rubel says I knpw she is upset, she needs some time,I hope Ayesha’s plan works. Ayesha is feeling bad as she is not able to talk. Adi comes to her and she talks to him by signs. He asks her is she annoyed with him. She signs no. He says nothing, I did not know you are so serious about this, you can talk, I won’t tell anyone. He says I will give you company and sits there. He says thank for doing this for my family, no one expected this, not even me, that you can be quiet.

She thinks if you talk so much, I can’t be quiet, I m doing this for my new family.

Sheela thinks to recall the password. Payal says we tried 200 passwords. Avantika comes and asks what happened, why did she call her urgently. Sheela complains about Ayesha and the password problem. Rubel laughs. Avantika is shocked by Sheela’s stupidity. She says we can solve this matter in evening. She calls out Ayesha and scolds her for troubling Sheela. Shanky says Ayesha won’t talk till Nani comes out and talks to everyone. Avantika says I understand but……..

Adi says she is doing this for good cause. Avantika says if this matter does not solve, Sheela won’t allow me to go. She says I missed an important meeting. Adi and Rubel support Ayesha. Shanky asks Adi to take Ayesha inside. Sheela says but…. See Avantika, Adi is taking her side. Avantika says don’t call me from office like this again. She leaves. Anuj asks Sheela to change for good. Rubel says mum its your mistake, apologize to Nani. She says I won’t. He says fine and leaves. Payal asks Sheela to think fast, as if they take much time, Ayesha can also forget password.

Ayesha sees Adi and wants to talk to him. Adi says I know you want to talk, I can’t believe you are not talking. Harish comes and asks whats going on, Avantika called and she was angry. Ayesha signs Adi to talk to Harish as she can’t. Adi says till Nani comes out of room and talks to everyone. Ayesha won’t talk. Harish says will you guys tell me please. Adi says Nani and Sheela had a fight in morning and tells everything. Harish laughs and says not a bad idea. He says its good my problem is solving, as Adi is talking to him. Ayesha thinks yes, but Sheela should also apologize.

Sheela comes to Ayesha and hugs her. She says its true that we should not fight, so I will go with you and apologize to Nani. Harish says I think you are desperate to get the password. Sheela says no, I m doing this for Nani. Adi smiles. Ayesha is happy and goes with Sheela. Harish asks Adi shall I think that my son is talking to me. Adi leaves. Harish gets upset. Ayesha and Sheela go to Nani’s room and Sheela calls out Nani, but there is no response. They see the door open and go in.

Nani is not there. Sheela says maybe she went to washroom, lets wait for her. Ayesha sees a letter and reads it. She is shocked to know Nani left the house. Sheela asks what happened and reads it being shocked. She smiles that finally she iss gone. She asks Ayesha to tell password now. Ayesha is miffed and takes the letter put showing it to everyone. Adi reads it. Sheela thinks now she will be blamed. Nani says she is angry and will come back after her anger cools down. Harish says I will call her. He says she is cutting my call.

Adi throws the letter and Avantika comes. She picks the paper and reads it. She is shocked too. Sheela says see Avantika, this is happening because of Ayesha. Avantika says don’t blame her, this happened because of you, she left the house as you insulted her. Sheela says but I did this for our house. Adi says enough now, stop humiliating Ayesha, I know her, she will not touch locker, if she does, its her right. Avantika says we have to find Nani now. Anuj says who knows her here. Payal says she will come back when her anger goes. Anuj scolds her being worried for Nani.

Nani calls them and tells Ayesha that she is fine, don’t be kiddish and don’t go in police. Avantika apologizes to her and asks her to come back. Nai says don’t force me to come back. Everyone ask Nani where is she. Avantika asks where is she. Adi says we promise we won’t come to you. Nani asks them to take care and stay united. She ends the call. Sheela says its good she is safe, now Ayesha can tell the password. Avantika says Ayesha won’t share the password till Nani comes back. Sheela says but………. Avantika says with no one.

Adi talks to Avantika and says Ayesha tried to solve the problem. Avantika says don’t tell me how to make my opinion. She says it’s a fact, that problems started with her coming here. She says I m not interested in her, my only interest is you and your life. She leaves. Adi asks Ayesha not to take tension, as mum is supporting her, don’t feel pressure to get into family issues. Harish tells Adi if he has this ego of not uniting with his dad, then he will also leave this house. Harish leaves. Ayesha thinks whats happening, Pankhudi tell me what to do, everything is shattering.

Ayesha thinks to shave Adi’s beard. He gets up and is shocked to see one side of his cheek shaved and shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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