Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi saying they need to blurt out the truth from Geeta and moreover they need to find Kailash Gupta too, and both Mama and Chacha are surprised, and Adi tells them about the relationship that Kailash had with Maasi They were totally stunned on hearing that.

On the other hand, Sheila Mami, being keen to listen what is going on inside the room bribed a hotel staff and gave him a 500 rupee note, asked him to go in the room (665) and stay there as much as possible and listen to everything and every talks going on there. The greedy staff agrees and says he will go to the room on the pretext of giving tea (which he had been carrying for room 664) and goes there, tried to stay in room but spills some tea and Mama gets angry, Adi says okay they will clean it and the staff had to leave the spot, and Mami quite disappointed with her, asks him to return the money and takes back the money forcibly

Neha gifts the Laddu to Pankuri and Pankuri is totally elated on receiving them She says she can’t beieve her mother made laddoos for her and cherishes them

Adi wanted to know about Kailash and how he landed in Mumbai.

Pankuri’s Chacha tells him about Kailash, says he had ambitions to become an actor and so landed up in Mumbai to become one, but he didn’t get any small roles even anywhere in any film and then somebody gave him the idea to make a film himself and act in it

Kailash took loans from many people so as to produce the film, but the man who gave this idea took all money and fled the scene, never to return back Kailash deep down in debt, had to come back homeand Dada Ji sold off some lands to pay off all the debts but gave condition that he won’t be going to Mumbai in future and he will have to marry as well Kailash did rebel and later left the house on this account as Dada Ji suddenly imposed some conditions and maybe he didn’t like that Mama says Kailash was a man of Gen-Y and is computer-savvy, interested in trekking, mountaineering and sports and had acute interest in creative things

Adi and Pankhu were discussing with Chahcha ji and Neha while suddenly Adi blurts out in anger that I will not spare Kailash Gupta for what he has done to my Maasi

Pankhuri gets pensive and says now is the time to find Kailash Chacha and demand answers from him, unless we get the answers we cannot judge him just like that.

Chachaji just confirms that if Dadaji had knew of this, he would have never made Kailsh marry to someone else. He adds that Gupta family never kept any relation with Kialsh for long ad only what they know is that he lives somewhere in Chandigarh…They leave after that…

Pankuri gets worried seeing Adi’s anger and asks what if Adi gets Kailash Chacha what he will do to him, Adi says he doesn’t know and hasn’t thought of it as yet, but definitely he isn’t going to leave him and just then an idea came to is mind, he says Kailash Chacha is tech savvy and gels well with our generation so maybe PaYa can find him on but then gets cautious and says Kailash is in hiding mode now and so he may hide or give wrong info about him in social networking as well. PaYa sits down to find Kailash Chacha in and after some attempts locates his profile, sees the location and date of birth to confirm whether he is the same person (Pankuri’s Chacha) and Pankuri confirmed a known people as being there in his friend list and with these information they nailed the profile and starts to track Kailash Chacha

Meanwhile, Sheila Mami meets Geeta and asks her about any information regarding Kailash Gupta and Geeta says she is only doing it for money otherwise she is hating this job as Govardhan is after her life and she has to go hiding in her own hometown, but then supplies the necessary information to Sheila Mami and Sheila Mami is excited to hear everything and says it is quite a filmi affair (happened as if it happens in movies).

On the other side Govardhan suggests Pankhu’s father to see how much share to get rid off the debt but Pankuri’s Dad doesn’t agree with him. Ambika gets emotional about Kailash Chacha to which Pankuri’s dad says how come she is emotional as Kailash never did any good for family though Dada Ji loved him very much and did what not to get him debt-free and live a life of his own.

PaYa playing scrabble and Pankuri says Shanky has put this scrabble board in her bag and by the time breakfast is served lets play scrabble and Adi claims he is champion of scrabble and has won many times in various contests in Mumbai, but as they were playing and having usual PaYa moments , a hotel attendant comes to give them breakfast, Pankuri goes to take it and when she was busy with it, Adi changes some letters and words, Pankuri comes and says Adi is cheating, Adi says how can he cheat he is champion but later admits to cheating and they finally have breakfast.

Based on status updates of Kailash, PaYa manages to track him down and finds out that he is at hotel Paradise, and PaYa on the hunt for Paradise Hotel, Adi asks someone for directions, Sheila Mami listens that and figures out that it must be Kailash they are searching and goes after them

Pankuri saying to Adi that he felt bad saying everyone at Diwan Mansion that theyare going to temple whereas actually they came here to find Kailash Chacha PaYa reaches a Mandir (Temple) where Pankuri’s parents are also present

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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