Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaira telling Varun about having a past affair. Varun says, your past won’t effect the present. Amruta and Pankhudi get along well. Amruta says, I don’t like hill sandals. Pankhudi asks her to wear her flat slippers. Kaira talks non stop and doesn’t give him a chance to speak. Avantika calls Pankhudi and asks about Harish? Pankhudi says he is here. Avantika asks, how is the boy’s family? Pankhudi says they are good. You called to know about them naa. Avantika says, no. I called to enquire about Harish. Pankhudi gives flat slippers to Amruta. Kaira looks at the time and says time passed fastly. Varun says, I don’t have much to ask you. Vikram is talking with everyone and tells about his business achievements. Adi says, I am sure your home stories

are very interesting. Varun and Kaira comes. Vikram asks, what is your opinion. He says, I know it is yes from your side. Now it is upto Kaira and asks for her decision. Pankhudi says, we will give sometime to them. Vikram says, it is yes from our side. Sheela asks everyone to have dinner.

Sameer tells Preeti that they need a guarantee for opening a store. Nirmala says, Preeti’s family can help. Preeti doesn’t want to take their help. Nirmala gets angry on them. Preeti asks him to get serious and think about the guarantor. Vikram says, I want Dhanrajgir and Deewan to be together. Sheela takes Kaira to her room. Adi misses his mom. Sheela asks Kaira to tell about her opinion. Anuj says, decision should be yours. Kaira says, I told everything to Varun about my past. Sheela gets angry on her. Anuj says, you did the right time. You are a reflection of Avantika. Sheela asks, did you like the guy? Kaira says, give me some time. I don’t know. He talks less but he is nice. Sheela likes Varun.

Vikram asks Varun, why you are sad? He asks, what happened? Amruta says, Varun wants to tell you something. He asks Amruta, where you forget your hills. Amruta makes excuses. Varun says, I was thinking……Vikram gets angry and asks him to leave the thinking work on him. He says, if the Deewan’s say yes then……………

Pankhudi comes and asks Adi to sleep. Adi is thinking about Kaira’s alliance. He says, everything is going fast. Adi says, I recalled our marriage. Pankhudi says, broken star and asks Adi to make a wish. Adi didn’t make any wish. Pankhudi says, like always. They share some romantic gupshup. Adi says, my work doesn’t allow me to miss you. Pankhudi says, I will not pick your call.

Payal gets angry on Rubel for not picking her call. Payal says, I am busy but take time for you. Rubel says, you are saying as if I don’t call you. Adi says, whoever fails to call then he can’t sleep on the favourite side of bed. Rubel agrees to lose. He hugs her and asks, what do you want in gift? Payal says, I want jewellery. Rubel says I have a solution. Rubel wishes her Hapoy valentine’s day and gives her a gift. Payal says it is nice. She says, I like Neetu Ratnani’s jewellery. Rubel asks her to buy and send a bill to him. He asks her to wear it. He makes her wear the necklace.

Adi tells Pankhudi that you are strange, you got a chance but you didn’t take any advantage. You should have asked jewellery. Pankhudi says, I want your 1 hour from your busy schedule. Adi asks her to take full day. Adi says, today is the valentine day naa. Pankhudi smiles. She says, I didn’t plan anything. Adi says, I have a gift for you and asks her to close the eyes.

Payal shows the newspaper to Anuj and Sheela and shows the news about Varun being the most eligible bachelor in town. Sheela asks Anuj to say yes to proposal. Adi comes and stops Anuj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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