Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Avantika finding her room preoccupied by Rubel and his things when she tries to seek respite in her room, and when she gets taunted by Sheila and Rubel, she says she will use guest room instead and goes into guest room, cries out her heart there.

At the other end, Dadi was saying whatever happened is too bad and it shouldn’t have happened, Harish said he had no choice and what would he have said otherwise, that he is on the verge of death and a doctor has come to treat him, that would have hurt him much more.

Avantika cries and thinks as if Harish has come to the room and is rebuking her for her rough behavior previously, how she misunderstood hi, and how she openly blamed him for many events which he didn’t do, and finally says he has found

a good life partner. She is imagining all these and Harish disappears into thin air while she went on crying, No Harish, No, No

In room, Anuj, Sheila and Rubel are contemplating their next move, Sheila says she is wishing to see the other lady who is with Harish now and says Avantika is again at their house to upset her plans, Anuj asks her to shut up, and says her to understand the current situation. Rubel behaves rudely with Anuj and asks him not to be compassionate towards his sister so much, and Anuj is angry on his behavior, asks him to behave properly at least with parents or has he lost behavior so much that he has forgotten all his values . Sheila now supports Rubel and says Anuj to think of his gain only and make next move before Avantika recovers from this shock. They tries making some plans

Harish was about to leave for shooting and for various medical tests, when PaYa enters, and Adi asks what is happening, Harish says all that he has heard from Avantika is true, Adi is still not ready to believe, says how can he change in such a short time.

Adi is constantly asking explanations, Harish says there is nothing to explain now at this point of time, but Adi is still asking him, and holding his hand pleads him to tell the exact reason, Harish is getting soft, and says he feared telling the truth, as Avantika won’t be able to face the truth. Harish is also sad and so couldn’t face PaYa while saying all these He had his back turned before saying. Others (Dadi and Doctor) get alert now, and the doctor tells PaYa that its time to go for them, Adi shuts her up, says it is a business between him and Dad, and Harish now scolds Adi for behaving rudely with the Doctor and says he cannot behave like that, Adi gets hurt and says they are going and they won’t come anytime to this house and this is a promise made by him.

PaYa in car, Adi stops car suddenly and goes out, Pankuri too goes out and tries to calm down Adi, but Adi is inconsolable, he says how can Dad do this at this point of time suddenly, Pankuri says she got a feeling that Harish is hiding something and tries to convince Adi the same but Adi is still inconsolable, he simply cannot imagine how can his Dad change so suddenly and so fast.

At Harish’s house, Dadi says him what was the need of saying all these to PaYa as well when there is still a chance of recovery. Harish says his tumor is in bad shape and there is no chance of recovery now. He asks Dadi to consult Dr. Shivani if she doesn’t want to believe in him. Dr. Shivani says there is still hope, asks Harish not to loose hope so quickly, and also says that she has treated many cases successfully, but Harish says he doesn’t want to see PaYa only getting involved in mending relations which is actually hurting their own relationship and preventing it from progressing further. He says if PaYa now get the news about his illness, they will be shocked and won’t be able to take this sad news in proper frame of mind, and so to give PaYa as well as Avantika some much needed respite, he has now taken decision of not revealing her illness and asks Dadi as well to keep it a secret. Dadi is teary-eyed and says if he has taken a decision, she respects it and won’t disclose his illness to PaYa or Avantika

Adi remembering old memories with father in his room, Pankuri watching it from a distance, and Avantika crying in her room, Harish is also sitting in a sad state, all in all everyone is sad. Adi remembers the happy memories of him standing with his parents during anniversary celebration, cutting cake, Harish getting a sun-glass for him and pleasant memories swept through his mind when he saw the old pics in frames. Pankuri is looking helplessly at Adi

Nana is furious on knowing that Avantika stayed in guest house, says to Rubel that he should shift to a different room immediately, and Rubel says he won’t shift, and asserts that he won’t listen to anyone. Adi is getting angry and now stood up from chair to teach Rubel a lesson.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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