Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi asking Pankhudi to pack her bags and they will shift to some other flat. Ambika says they have to listen to them. Adi says he won’t spare anyone if anybody raises questions about them. Avantika says you always knew these questions will arise. She says you don’t need to prove anyone. You and Pankhudi were and will always be together. She tells Ambika that Chachiji will go from their life soon. Pankhudi wishes to go to Chennai to see Rubel.

Latika sees movement in Rubel’s hand and gets shocked. She calls Chachiji and asks, what to do. Chachiji says she never saw a fool like her and asks her to do whatever she can. Latika says if Rubel gets consciousness then he will see you people. Chachiji asks her to think what to do. Latika says she has

to do something. Chachiji thinks she has to do something to win.

Rahul takes Revathi to her flat. Revathi says she will inform Pankhudi first and then will start the rehearsels. She calls Pankhudi and informs the same. Pankhudi says ok and invites them for dinner after the rehearsels. Revathi agrees. Avantika asks Pankhudi to sit with her mom,so that she will feel better. Adi says he was good previously. Avantika says it is challenging but you have to do.

Doctor informs Nirmala that it was a BP attack on Sadanand. And says he falls unconscious because of stress. He leaves asking her to take care of him.

Dadaji says he is happy to meet Pankhudi and tells Govardhan mama that we will go to Pankhudi’s house before going to the hotel. She will be surprised. Mamaji says we will go after resting for a while. Dadaji agrees.

Meanwhile Rahul and Revathi were rehearsing and smiling. Rahul says time just flew away. Revathi says Pankhudi must be waiting for them. she thinks to call Chachiji first. Rahul says Adi will drop you. She calls home and Chachiji picks the call. Before she can answer, Chachiji says you might be late and may be with that Rahul. She taunts her. Revathi says she is in Rahul’s flat and came for rehearels. She says she will return with Adi as Adi is in Pankhudi’s flat. Chachiji agrees and asks her to return soon. She thinks it will be fun.

Latika comes to Rubel with poison in her hand. She says she is smarter than him. And is about to remove his mask but just then Harish enters and asks her, what she is doing? Latika says nothing and pretends to be worried for Rubel. She cries fakely.

Revathi gets the noodles for Rahul. Rahul says he will clean his guitar. Revathi offers him noodles and it falls on his shirt. Revathi says sorry. Rahul says don’t worry and he will change. Just then door bell rings, Revathi opens the door to find Chachiji. Chachiji enters and sees Rahul buttoning his shirt. She taunts and blames her. Rahul says that they were just rehearsing for the show. Chachiji asks Revathi to come home and drags her.

Pankhudi tells Ambika that Revathi might be coming now. She tells that Adi will come after dropping mom. Rahul calls her and tells about Chachiji. Sheela thanks Harish and asks him to take rest for sometime. She says Rubel did said much to him and even insulted him but he is there for him. Sheela then asks him,why Adi and Pankhudi are taking divorce. Harish tells her to think about only Rubel.

Chachiji comes home with Revathi and says she reached there on time else don’t know what would have happen. Revathi says it is a lie and nothing has happened. Chachiji blames Pankhudi and Adi. Adi comes with Pankhudi, Ambika and Rahul, and asks her to stop it. Adi says I didn’t think you can stoop so low. Don’t play with a girl’s self respect. He says it is your problem and you are infact a problem. Chachiji looks at Chachaji. Adi says he is blinded by you. Chachiji says he is not well and you are speaking like that. She blames Adi and Pankhudi. And says revathi was with Rahul in that room… Rahul says they were rehearsing. Chachiji asks, by opening the shirt buttons. Pankhudi says you are dragging the thing. Chachiji blames pankhudi and calls her shameless. Ambika couldn’t take it and is about to fall. Anuradha takes her to the room. Pankhudi asks her not to say against her family. Chachiji says she understood her very well. She says your family is unique, you and Adi are living with each other even after divorce. Dadaji comes and asks her to stop.

Chachiji tells that after the divorce Pankhudi is roaming with her ex husband, calling him home. She tells Dadaji that you made your grand daughter very modern. Dadaji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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