Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaira telling everyone that she don’t want to marry. Everyone are shocked and asks for the reason. Kaira asks them to solve her big problem. She tells about the nail paint not matching with her lehenga. Anuj says, it is not a problem and gives her a file of bungalow. Kaira says, I was thinking if you names this bungalow on my and Varun’s name. everyone looks on smiling. Rubel says, ok we will get the papers ready as you want. Preeti sees the Ashram’s papers. She comes to know about the Dhanrajgirs.

Sheela says, I doesn’t understand the theme. Vikram comes and says sorry for coming without informing. He sits and says he always wished for a sister. He says, I got a sister in Kaira. He requests them to share the marriage expenses equally. Anuj says,

it is not possible. Vikram insists to share the wedding expenses. Sheela says, Kaira is the only daughter of Deewan. Vikram says, he will feel bad if they refuses. Anuj agrees. Vikram requests them to keep cocktail party for his guests. Everyone look tensed. Anuj says, party is not an issue but we don’t drink alcohol. Vikram says sorry and suggests mocktail party.

Someone tells Avantika that the signatures is of Bhagat Singh Dhanrajgir. Avantika says, case is in Vikram’s favour. Land legally belongs to Vikram Dhanrajgir. Preeti comes there and says I came to show you something. Preeti says, I didn’t know that it was Dhanrajgir’s project. She shows her paper. Avantika sees the paper and comes to the conclusion.

Adi hopes that Anisha maasi agrees for coming to Deewan Mansion. Pankhudi promises Kaira that first haldi will be applied on her by dadi. Rubel says, we shouldn’t force her. Adi says, her happiness lies with her family. Pankhudi says, she will attend all the functions. Sheela asks Shanky to make the arrangements for the haldi ceremony.

Preeti is cooking. she asks Sameer, did I take the right decision. Sameer says yes. Adi and Pankhudi come to the hotel to meet Anisha. Anisha opens the door and sees them. Adi says we came to meet you. He tells Pankhudi that Nani’s anger is getting less day by day. Pankhudi and Adi get inside her room.

Avantika requests everyone to sit down during the chamber meet. She tells Vikram that the paper is examined and the signatures is not forged. Vikram thanks her and says I know. Avantika says, these papers were made in 1994, but we have your father’s report which states that your father was paralysed in the year 1991. She says, I failed to understand how you father signed the papers when he was completely paralysed. Vikram is shocked.

Anisha tells Pankhudi that she don’t want to attend the functions. Pankhudi says, you have relations with Kaira too. Anisha says,I will leave. Pankhudi asks Adi to pack her bags. Adi’s finger gets hurt. Anisha feels pain for his wound. Anisha asks Pankhudi to get the band aid. Adi says I won’t put the bandage until you agrees to come with us. Pankhudi says, let it be. Adi says, come with us.

Anisha asks them to get lost as her heart is paining because of them. Pankhudi says, we are going but you will only apply haldi on Kaira’s hands. Anisha cries.

Avantika says, I assume that you don’t have anything to say. She declares the legally and morally Vikram Dhanrajgir have no right on the Ashram’s property. She tells that Vikram have to terminates the deal with the builder. Ashram people are happy. Vikram is speechless and shocked.

Pankhudi and Adi get a call. Pankhudi says, Anisha is shifting the hotel. Reporters ask questions to Vikram. Vikram refuses to answer. Avantika’s words echoes in Vikram’s minds. Some builder comes in his car and tells Vikram that one woman made him lose. He demands 400 crores. Vikram says, I have to give only 200 crores. He asks her to pay 200 crores atleast.

Vikram gives lift to Avantika. Avantika gets down the car and looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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