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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela insulting Nani by her bitter words, and saying you are not a daughter and bahu of this house. Nani is totally hurt. Sheela says you can never take dad’s place in this house. Nani cries and leaves. Ayesha goes after her. Avantika asks Sheela how can she do this. Sheela says today she gave card, tomorrow can give her property, what can we do then. She says I m not Adi’s enemy and asks Payal to place locker in her room. Avantika asks Sheela to apologize to Nani. Sheela says sorry, I won’t/ Avantika says what you did now, was very wrong. She leaves. Sheela says first I will change locker password, then no one will be able to open it.

Nani comes in her room and cries. Ayesha sees her crying and consoles her. Nani says Sheela wanted to say this always, so

she told me now. Ayesha says she is mad like her, a person does not think if she was angry. Nani asks why did Avantik not stop her. Ayesha says no, she tried to stop her. She says lets call Rubel and Adi here and ask them what do they regard you. Nani says leave from here and pushes her out. Avantika comes there. Ayesha leaves seeing her. Sheela says I changed the locker password, but I have to write somewhere, else I will forget it. Ayesha comes there and Sheela repeats it again and again.

She then forgets it and says what was it. Sheela changes her tone and sings a song. Ayesha says Nani is very upset, I know you told this in anger, but she will be glad if you say sorry. Sheela says what I told was not in anger, but in all my senses. Sheela says she is elder, so should do puja in her room. Sheela taunts Ayesha and reminds what Avantika said, she will be a stranger. Ayesha says fine, but why are you fighting for me. Sheela says I will cry seeing your drama, go from here.

Ayesha turns to leave. Sheela says what was the password and recalls. Nani tells Avantika that she does not want a sorry from her, do you have any issue if I gave card to Ayesha. Avantika says yes. Nani asks why. Nani says then I don’t have to say anything. Avantika says please listen to me. Nani says leave me alone, go to office now. Avantika leaves. Ayesha calls Adi and tells everything to him what happened. She asks shall I give card back to Nani, will she feel bad. Adi says keep it with you, do as I say.

Sheela talks to Avantika and speaks against Ayesha having a greed in her heart and not returning the card. Avantika says now things have gone out of hand. Avantika asks Sheela to apologize to Nani. Adi tells Ayesha nothing will happen, I will come in sometime from office. Ayesha gets a huge frame pic and removes the paper from it. Its Pankhudi’s pic, and she hangs it on the wall. Ayesha says you have to guide me now, as you are the soul of this family and everyone hates me. She says you united everyone and I have broken them. She says I feel bad when Adi gets stuck in all this.

She says I married him, but he will always be yours. He loves you a lot, even today. She says just help me in getting my share of love, I will be happy. She says tell me Pankhudi, will you help me. Sheela tells Payal that she forgot the new password. Anuj comes and asks whats going on and why password changed. Sheela says Nani gave the access card to Ayesha and so I brought the locker here. Payal says stop overreacting and recollect the password.

Sheela thinks and says I m getting somewhat, I was singing. Sheela gets angry on Shanky and he tells Sheela’s problem to Ayesha. Ayesha says I need your help. Anuj says if your memory is so weak, why did you not write it. Ayesha came here. She says Ayesha may help us, as she is very smart. Payal says how can you tell her the password. Sheela says no, I m not a fool, she heard me saying the password and might learnt it. Payal says will she tell you. Sheela praises herself. Sheela says I will get the password from her. Shanky and Ayesha does acting.

Sheela and Payal act sweet to Ayesha. Shanky says Ayesha swore that she will not talk now. Sheela gets tensed. He says he said till Nani gets normal till then she will not talk to anyone. Sheela says why are you punishing yourself for her, till when will this go on. Payal says she is troubling us, that’s all. Sheela asks her the password. She asks did she hear it. Payal says tell the password now. Sheela asks Payal not to scold her. Sheela asks Ayesha did she hear it. Ayesha nods yes. Sheela says do you remember it. Ayesha nods yes. Sheela says tell me in my ears.

Shanky says I think Ayesha wants to rest now, lets go from here. Sheela says fine and leaves. Ayesha says I will make Sheela and Nani’s patchup by doing this acting. Shanky gets emotional and misses Pankhudi. She asks what happened. He says Pakhudi used to call me Shanky Kaka, not uncle. He leaves. Ayesha smiles seeing Pankhudi’s pic. Sheela tells Payal what to do, we have to get password before she forgets. Payal says she will tell us if you apologize to Nani. Sheela says no way. Payal says then lets break the locker. Sheela says are you mad,its mum’s locker, Anuj and Avantika won’t leave me.

She calls Avantika and asks her to come home, as Ayesha has made an issue here. Avantika says I m busy, I can’t come. Sheela insists. Avantika says fine. Sheela says she has to come.

Avantika scolds Ayesha and asks her to tell Sheela the password.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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