Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2013 Written Update

Avantika Officially hands over Adi to the tender loving care of Pankhudi ..Pankhudi is tongue tied and overwhelmed ..


Nanu is turning over the pages of the album , looking at the photos of his kids childhood. Adi jumps there and chirply wonders aloud as to what his favourite Nanu is doing, Nanu replies that he is looking at the childhood photos of his kids , He remarks that in all this photos , he never was present , he advises Adi never to miss the moments of life and live to regret it later.


Pankhudi’s family are wondering on how to handle the wedding situation as their finace is tight .. They are in deep soch…


Sheela is checking out various sari’s , murmuring to herself , feeling

inferior and hoping to trump Avantika , Kaira comes in and helps Sheela to pick a sari, she also allays Sheela’s inferiority complex by assuring her that her daughter is always there for her to talk to and Sheela is no less to anyone..Sheela is moved !!


Adi teases Pankhudi about her make up trials , and also comments naughtily on her new hairstyle ..

while on the other side Nanu and Anuj are impatiently trying to contact Manik


Samir’s father is worried about how Preeti will adjust in their house but Samir assures him that Preeti will have no problems and will fit into the household smoothly.


The wedding party is on fullswing, Rubal and Latika are ecstatic that Preeti is finally going to go and then they can start their play..

Adi is trying to rouse the jealousy in pankhudi’s heart by flirting with another girl.. while Kaira is recording all this moments in her handycam and is also posing questions to Nanu, Pankhudi.

Avantika bumps into Avantika and Avantika is polite and civil with her .. Adi moves in as soon as Avantika moves away and tries to steal some romance time with Pankhudi ..but Pankhudi pretends to be miffed and sashays away from him.. While Adi comes down and is awestruck by his Mom’s beauty. but Avantika seems to be absent minded and does not respond enthusiastically , Adi is puzzled by Avantika’s indifferent attitude but understanding dawns when Nanu informs him that Avantika is waiting for the missing Harish who has gone for a shoot..

Just then Harish comes in , a irked Avantika gives 5 minutes to Harish to dress up and join the party.


Mamu and Mami decide to attend the wedding and gift a good gift to Preeti and also to Pankhudi ..


Samir’s mom is checking the jewel set that she will be gifting Preeti , Samir’s fatehr tries to pour cold water on to thei enthu by bringing up the disparity between their status and Preeti’s..Samir’s Mother reassures him ..


Harish and Adi are complaining and listing out the faults of their respective wife’s to each other..both providing a sympathetic shoulder to one another, Nanu who has been eavesdropping on to their conversation warns them not to make his children Unhappy ..

Pankhudi and Avantika discuss the non-interference policy of Avantika, Avantika assures Pankhudi that she will always be there for them but will not be intruding into their lifes ..

Mari Hiwda main Nache mor Song starts, Pankhudi and Kaira are dancing to it

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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