Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Govardhan mama telling Dadaji about Deewan’s getting the award. Dadaji says they need to be careful. Adi calls Dadaji and says I am upset with you. Dadaji says, I called Pankhudi as you are busy. Adi asks him to talk to him. Dadaji blesses him. Adi handovers the call to Rubel. Rubel greets him. Dadaji gives him teachings about life. Adi says, he was right. Adi says, don’t you think we are heading fast about Mr. Dhanrajgir. Rubel says, we have met him twice. Adi asks about his name. Avantika gets a call from Sheela. Sheela tells her that a good alliance have come for Kaira. Sheela asks, will you come naa? Avantika says, I won’t come. She wishes good for Kaira. Anuj says, Avantika will think that you called her deliberately. Sheela says I know. Sameer

tells Preeti that he is happy about the award. Sadanand asks Nirmala to help them. Nirmala says, I am not interested. I accept that Sameer and Preeti have resigned from the job and started this business but you failed to sell the stuff. Preeti says, this business is ours. Nirmala says, your decision was wrong. Sameer says, Preeti was right.

Adi tells Pankhudi to look at him once. Payal comes and smiles. Pankhudi is angry as Adi didn’t pick her call. Payal says, my husband is too busy in his life. Adi says, your husband accompany you to the boring page 3 parties atleast. Rubel comes and says parties are boring. Sheela comes and asks, how am I looking. Rubel compliments her. Sheela says, girl’s mom also have to look good. Rubel asks her to think before talking. Sheela says, we are not less than anyone. We are Deewan’s. Mr. Dhanrajgir comes and smiles looking at them. Anuj welcomes him. Anuj introduces him to his family. Mr. Dhanrajgir asks him to call him Vikram. He gifts them Deewan Mansion portrait. Everyone is happy.

Adi thanks Dhanrajgir for the gesture. Dhanrajgir says, all I want is take inspiration from this family. He asks Kaira’s hand in marriage for his brother. Payal says, this painting is so precious. Sheela says, it might be costly. Adi says, let Kaira meet your brother Varun and then we will see. Varun and Amruta comes. Dhanrajgir gives them another gift. Adi says, you don’t need to do this. Dhanrajgir says, it is yes from our side but I don’t know about you. Payal says, I ordered food from outside. Sheela says, our family prefers designers thing. Sheela says, I want to buy cricket team. Adi asks Varun, what do you do? Vikram says, he helps me in business and he is good. Adi asks, which dept? Vikram answers, every dept. Harish asks, did your brother don’t talk? Kaira comes and sits on the sofa. Sheela praises her. Kaira tells them frankly that she don’t know anything. Vikram laughs and says Kaira is frank and honest. He says, I am impressed.

Vikram says, we like Kaira very much and we want her to become Dhanrajgir soon. Adi says, they shall know each other before. Pankhudi says, they shall say yes before finalising the alliance. Vikram asks Varun to take Kaira along with him. Amruta too goes with Pankhudi. Vikram asks about Avantika. Harish says, she has meeting. Vikram says, we will come gradually. Adi says, if Varun and Kaira say yes. Vikram says, it is 100 percent yes.

Vikram tells Varun that I know it is yes from my side and asks for Kaira’s decision.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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