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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika asking Adi not to pretend to be happy as he can’t. Rubel talks to Nafisa and asks her not to stay in outhouse as Payal will doubt them. Nafisa says fine, I can understand, I will go from outhouse, but I really loved you, and will never forget you, I will go tomorrow after talking to Adi and Ayesha. He says thanks and leaves. Nilofer comes to her and asks her not to let anyone complain. Sheela is annoyed as she gained weight and holds Ayesha responsible. Anuj asks why. Sheela says she is giving me so much tension, I get more hungry and have more food, how will I lose weight. She says I got a new reason to kick her out of my house, I hope Avantika sticks to my side.

Adi sees Ayesha crying and thinks what to do. He scolds her for not greeting his mum. She

says I will go now. He says I m sorry and wipes her tears. He says I did this to make you stop crying. He holds her and she asks whats this and scolds him. He says sorry. She jokes. He says you became smart. She smiles and says shall I go to meet Avantika. Adi says decision will be yours, I m going to office, call me if you need anything. He leaves. Avantika gets ready and Harish tries to make her smile. He says lets buy some jewellery for Ayesha, as she is our bahu now. He jokes.

She gets angry and scolds him. He asks what problem do you have with this marriage. She says I have problem with that girl. Ayesha comes to meet her. Avantika asks why did she come. Ayesha says I came to say good morning. Avantika says what. Harish smiles. Avantika says I m upset with Adi, as I feel his decision is wrong, I m upset with Harish as he played big game with me, but for you, I don’t care. She says you stay here or not, I simply don’t care. She says don’t try to force a relation on me. She leaves. Ayesha cries. Harish jokes.

Ayesha says you can’t even speak infront of her, don’t know how will I handle everyone. Payal is fuming in Rubel as Nafisa is still in their house. She says I m sure Adi stopped Nafisa here for you, you wanted this. Rubel says whats wrong with you, she is going as I asked her, but you won’t understand. Payal hugs him and says sorry Rubel, I did not wish to hurt you. He says you have to understand Nafisa was past, don’t ruin our future for her. She says fine, I won’t say anything again, this Ayesha too should leave. He says she is the bahu of this house and will stay here, you better not mess with her, else……….. he gets angry and leaves.

Ayesha thinks what to do, go in hall or stay here, else Payal and Sheela will kill her by her taunts. She says whom to talk now. Nani comes and says talk to me. Nani says I m Adi’s Nani and your Nani from today. They have a laugh. Nani asks whats her plan. Ayesha says Adi did not say. Nani says you are husband and wife now, one unit. Nani asks do you love Adi. Ayesha looks at her and says no, how do you feel so. Nani says I know this and can read your eyes. Ayesha says no.

Nani asks why this marriage. Ayesha says Adi said so…….. Nani says it means its against your wish, I will call Harish to make this marriage null and void. Ayesha says no. Nani says don’t lie to yourself. Ayesha smiles and hugs her. Nani says I knew this. Ayesha says but I won’t be able to make space in his heart. Nani asks why, as he loves Pankhudi, you don’t have to take her place but make your place, be sincere and keep all relations and then see, one day Adi will love you.

She says everyone does love but don’t get it back. Do all your duties well. Ayesha says don’t tell this to Adi. Nani promises and asks her to promise that she believes in her love. Sheela thanks Avantika for staying here, else how would she manage alone. Payal comes to them. Sheela says Harish used to be here when you were not here. Avantika gets annoyed and leaves. Sheela says think how to get rid of Ayesha. Nani brings Ayesha and says I have to give her something infront of all of you. She gives her locker access card and Sheela is shocked.

She says every bahu has this card. Ayesha says but… Sheela says how can you give this card to her, as we have not accepted her as our bahu. Sheela says Adi did not give her wife rights and did a favor on her. Ayesha is hurt. Sheela argues with Nani and takes the card back. Nani says Ayesha has all the rights now. Avantika says I did not accept her my bahu, for me she will always be an outsider. Nani says she is Adi’s wife. Payal also gets into the argument and everyone confront Nani for taking this step. Sheela fumes on Nani and asks whats her benefit in this, maybe Ayesha will run with all the money. Ayesha defends herself. She says I don’t want this card. She says don’t fight for me.

Nani scolds Sheela and says its about equal rights. Nani gives the card again to Ayesha. Sheela says how can you take this decision alone. Nani says I m eldest here. Avantika says end it here. Sheela asks her to be in her limits as she is not the owner of the house. Nani is shocked by this insulting words. Payal too supports Sheela and says she does not need Nani’s guidance. Avantika scolds Payal.

Sheela asks Avantika to come home fast. Avantika says I have important meeting and can’t come, whats the matter. Sheela says come home. Avantika says fine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys pnkhudi ka b same tha like ayesha pnkhudi ko b mandak mn lrka chor gaya adi nay us ka sath dia aur usay shadi ki same like ayesha…aur pnkhudi ko b pahlay sb nay accept na kia adi ko bhi pahlay usay pyar na tha..adi sirf pnkhudi ka frnd tha now same like ayesha…same problem ayesha….

    Kuch dinon tk ayesha ko b sb accept kr ln gay…I m sure…pahlay pnkhudi ko sirf nana g aur haresh nay smjha aur ayesha ko b ghr ki bari nani aur haresh nay smjha….

    Pankhudi life=ayesha life
    Pankhudi situation=ayesha situation

  2. Adi how can u marry ayesha?so soon….adi ur love was not true….Even u want to give support To ayesha you can’t marry her give her support there r so many ways…guys who have liked my comment

  3. Shela & payal always hate u

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