Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi shouting I love you Pankuri and it rings sweetly in Pankuri’s ears. Adi came rushing in and says to Pankuri that he promises her that he will make utmost effort to keep her happy always, and won’t let sadness occupy her heart. Though he says he can not give her any false promise like he will be able to bring her stars and moons and neither do want to give her false hopes by saying that sadness or grief will never enter in her life but one thing he can promise and that is he can give her company in sadness and happiness and won’t leave her lonely. Then lastly says last 3 lines are copied from internet but rest are his own feelings

In Diwan Mansion, Harish and Preety came as Nana Ji had asked them to come, Anuj behaves rudely and says how come they are here, Nana pacifies him, and Avantika enters now, argument starts and Anuj takes Avantika’s side, says Avantika has slogged hard for Diwan Group of Industries, and Harish did nothing all these years for Diwan Family but he will still get a share of property of Diwan Group. Harish says he never had any sort of greed over property and money and tells it is not in his nature to hanker over these matters, also says he don’t want property and all. Nana tries to pacify everyone and asks everyone to shut up, says he called everyone here to resolve the issue not to escalate it.

Nana finally says to Harish that he is going to his lawyer now, gives him a 4 day deadline and says if he doesn’t receive the signed papers within this 4 days then court summon will be going at his house and warns him to remain prepared

Pankuri now tells that she too felt special on being with Adi and says she also wants to dedicate every moment of her life to him, and says she love him as well Adi says he wanted to utilize this flim set properly but never imagined that he could tell his heart’s words and pour out his feelings in this manner but now he is certainly going to cherish this day for the whole of his life. PaYa dance with the song & music playing

Mami stopped for a tea break and asks the tea-stall owner about PaYa, the tea-stall owner confirms about them and Mami is happy that he is going in right track only The taxi-driver says Mami is sipping tea all alone Mami asks him to take tea but pay from his own pocket

At kullu, Neha was asking for delicious ladoos from Ambika, and asks Ambika to prepare some for Pankuri as well, as she use to love those, and says she will take responsibility of properly handing them over to Pankuri by any means

Adi settles for a hotel in Kullu and books a room. and he asks whether Pankuri is feeling bad over the fact that she cannot visit Kullu at this point and asks her whether she will visit her home once, he is eager to go, but Pankuri refuses, says she can’t let Adi get dishonored there and will feel bad on seeing Adi there ill-at-ease there, so she prefers hotel than her own home now

Precap Adi saying hotel receptionist “Me Aditya Kumar and this is my wife Pankhuri”…The receptionist asks “So may i write Mr. & Mrs. Kumar”…Adi says yes looking towards Pankhu while Pankhu gives one of her lovely smiles…

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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