Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi saying, we need to act fast. Pankhudi says we need to find the original will. Adi says he have to get Bhatia. Adi says he will meet maa and go. Pankhudi says maa is upset since morning. Adi asks what happened?

Dadaji tells Diwakar that he will meet Pankhudi after going to Mumbai and reside at her house. Diwakar gets tensed and asks him to stay back. But Dadaji says he will go for sure.

Adi says I know it is difficult for her but people will asks like that. Pankhudi says it is not easy for her to answer the people. Maa comes and says these type of questions may come and asks him to come after informing them. Adi says he thought to surprise Pankhudi and you were fast asleep. Maa asks Pankhudi not to lie and asks Adi to think about Pankhudi

before doing anything. Adi leaves for office.

Kapil thinks Adi has paralysed him actually and looks at some project file. Avantika comes and he sits on time. Avantika takes the cube and solves it. She asks, don’t you feel you should have solved it by now. She asks him to get off the wheelchair. Kapil is shocked. Avantika says Adi told him about it. She asks to sit at the peon desk. Kapil is shocked. She asks him to not raise the voice. She asks him to sit at the reception. She tells Kapil that you have started the game and you have to finish it. She orders her employee to take him to the peon desk.

Doctor tells Sheela and Harish that Rubel has a remarkable recovery but his condition had worsen but now he is stable. Sheela and Harish goes to see him.

Govardhan mama asks Diwakar about his visit to Mumbai, he says he will solve the problem.

Avantika meets Ambika and says she couldn’t understand at first. But later realised that Adi took the step for Pankhudi and Rubel’s safety. Ambika says we have old thinking and for us, our daughter should stay with her family. Avantika says Adi took a practical decision and he is not wrong. Ambika says she is having only 1 daughter and she don’t want her to spend half of her live like her. Avantika is shocked and hurt. Ambika says sorry. Avantika says it is ok, as a mom is saying this. She gets Harish call and he informs her that Rubel’s condition have gone worse but now he is stable. Avantika is shocked. Then he asks about Pankhudi. Avantika tells Pankhudi that Rubel is stable now. Ambika says Adi and Pankhudi will be united after Rubel returns. Avantika says she is very lucky to get pankhudi as her daughter in law. Ambika says that’s why Pankhudi is forgetting her mayka (maternal home).

Anuradha is talking on phone with Pankhudi and says she is relieved and happy to see Adi and her relation alive. She says Adi was right that he don’t need any certificate to live their relation. Chachiji comes and Anuradha cuts the call. Chachiji says it means your mother in law has lost and they have win. She asks her to prepare and distribute sweets. Avantika comes and says we should have party. We should celebrate. She asks her, whether she thought they will get seperated. She says it is a disaster for her. She advices her to accept her mistakes. Chachiji stares at her. Avantika says she don’t want her to get harsh punishment because of her old age. She says you have to face the humiliation too. She says she came to get some papers from Adi’s room and says, it is good that I met you and give my condolences.

Rahul asks Revathi to come for a coffee. Revathi refuses and says her father has trusted her and she didn’t want to break his trust. Rahul tells her about some music group. He says, he is being professional and asks her to come to his apartment. He says you can meet pankhudi there too.

Chachiji asks Anuradha to take care of kitchen. Anuradha says Shanky kaka is preparing food and says she is feeling dizziness. Adi looks at Kapil. Chachiji says she don’t care if she is alive or dead. Kapil shouts maa.

Kapil says, Anuradha must not be well else she could have work. Chachiji says you should not speak. Kapil says, Anuradha is his wife and he will speak if anyone speaks badly with her. Chachiji gets angry on him and says you are doing a mistake. Adi tells Anuradha that he will have food outside. Anuradha tells Kapil that you are forced to do this on someone else insistence and says she feels good that he told her wife.

Harish tells Pankhudi that he is relieved that her mom is with her. Pankhudi asks him to take care. Adi comes and asks her to come. Pankhudi says, we shall take maa permission. Adi asks permission from Ambika and says I want to take Pankhudi out for a day.

Chachiji thinks she will end Pankhudi and sees the car coming from the other way. She comes near Pankhudi may be to push her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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