Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2014 Written Update

Pankhuri calls hotel reception and they transfer the call to Aneesha nani and she says she dont have any bahu so please dont disturb me . Avantika is on the way to chamber of commerce recalling Harish words to her as today she is going to take a right decision. Some car is driving slowly and she hits that car as that stops and he wants to take her to the police and she refuses. She calls Harish . Vikram says Avantika has not reached yet and says they should defer it and take another date and then Avantika arrives and says to Vikram are you surprised and then Vikram says that i have the papers not with me but with my special employee and she is here. Avantika sees and is shocked to see Preeti with the papers. Vikram says thank you to bringing his file and says he will talk in his office

after the verdict. Avantika goes to her seat and checks the papers . Vikram says i am waiting for your verdict . Avantika says why are you impatient and she says she will verify the papers authentication and then give the judgement after one day. Aneesha nani room is tucked and goes to open the door and she got hit by furnitures and she sees Adi and Pankhuri on the door with food. Both try to convince her to come to Kaira marriage and she also massage her legs with oil . Preeti comes to Vikram office and hands her the resignation letter on his table . Vikram tries to convince her that he did not intentionally hired her and she did not signed a bond with the company as she had and had to work for one year . Before her entry he was talking to his secretary that he had his grandfather signature on a blank paper. Avantika says why did Preeti take the offer of Vikram and she refused help from Anuj bhaiya and me and she did not want to listen what excuse she gives . She also says i am confused whose side she take as both are fine . Harish says that the chair will not take you to wrong decision . In DM , Rubel says to pankhuri that if nani ji dont want to take part in marriage then why force her (what for ? ) . Pankhuri says no she will come and also put the haldi on Kaira . Kaira try to say something , but everyone seems busy and then she shouts that she is not marrying .

PRECAP : Avantika says that papers are genuine . Vikram says that now you believe me . Avantika stops him and says that please hear me out first.

Update Credit to: vivek

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